Iran: Women's Expedition 12-Day Tour

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Join Intrepid on our first ever female-only, female-led 12-day expedition through Iran. Designed to allow travelers a unique opportunity to discover the customs, food, challenges, and lives of local women of Iran through a range of experiences otherwise off-limits to our normal mixed gender groups. This trip will expose you to a range of fascinating local women; young, old, religious, conservative, rural, modern and liberal. We would love to open up these real-life experiences to all our travelers; however, in order to operate in a socially responsible and culturally sensitive manner, this is simply not possible. At least not yet!

  • Shop for, prepare and enjoy a five-course meal at a local cooking school in Tehran. It’s a chance to not only experience a lively Iranian bazaar but learn age old secret recipes from local women.
  • Enjoy a picnic in one of Iran’s increasingly prevalent women’s-only parks, one of the few places women can enjoy the sunshine without a hijab.
  • Immerse yourself in rural nomadic life on a beautifully remote homestay with the Qashqai people. Enjoy a meal, sing songs, try on the local dress, and give bread-baking a go.
  • Step inside the fascinating hidden world of an Iranian beauty salon. You’ll see that these oases for many local women.
  • Join a female scarf shop owner in Tehran to learn the many different ways of tying and wearing the iconic Middle Eastern garment.

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