11-Day Traveller Tour

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Go where the adventure takes you! There’s something for everyone, from exploring offshore islands and cays to scuba and snorkel in warm and clear waters. Relax in the cool mountains in the days then enjoy the never-ending nightlife of our cities. Enlighten yourself to the rich history and culture of our Jamaican people, from our music to our foods, there’s always more to share.

  • Have nature feeding out the palms of your hands at Rocklands.
  • Climb the majestic seven tier waterfalls of YS Falls, Saint Elizabeth.
  • Hike the old Maroon trails of the Cockpit Country.
  • Immerse yourself in Kingston’s unique subculture, from music to food.
  • Exploring estates and Rum tasting, it’s all worth it at Worth Park Rum Factory, Lluidas Vale.

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