14 Day Rastafarian Culture Tour

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Although a staple of pop culture, Rastafari is much more than Red, Yellow, and Green hats and Marley Music.
The Rastafarian Culture Tour begins with a bang! A Tour of the Rastafarian Village leads to nyabinghi drumming and drum making, the Rastafarian Museum, and the origins of “one love”.
For two weeks, experience the rare opportunity to live with the Rastafarians! Help out in their wellness centre, work in their factory, make drums with them, and farm to make traditional Rasta Food!
The Tour also includes opportunities to see Jamaica. Enjoy a Saturday trip to Montego Bay (explore white sandy beaches and the Montego Marketplace!) and a day trip to the Bob Marley Museum and the Tuff Gong Studios (an inside look at the authentic roots of the Rasta Musical Legend).
One of the rarest tours we offer, this is a unique opportunity to experience a culture of amazing people and a TWO WEEK vacation to an incredibly popular vacation spot!

  • Learn the real story and the true meaning behind this interesting group of people, all while experiencing a one of the most wonderful Vacation Destinations on Earth!
  • As you enjoy the beautiful sights and delicious food of Jamaica, you’ll get an amazing experience, living with some of the most interesting people on the planet!
  • Stay in two Rastafarian Villages-experience their way of life, work with them, learn to make the most of your surroundings, and love everyone around you like a true member of the Rasta people!
  • The trip is very well planned out, and the accommodations will be high quality as you live among the Rastafarian people for two of the most life-changing weeks you’ll ever experience!
  • Professional Tour Guides will show you around, and the Rastafarian People will teach you their ways, opening your eyes will to a new way of life and the trip of a lifetime!

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