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This unique tour takes you to all of the major cities and sites in Japan, but also exposes you to places few tourists and tour companies have even heard of. Our route includes Tokyo, Kyoto, Izumo, Nagasaki, Sasebo, and the rarely visited Goto Archipelago, all within 14 days. The itinerary also includes a homestay, an experience that allows you to go beyond just visiting the country, and gives you a more intimate understanding of Japanese life as you actually live with a local family. This tour delivers Japan from all angles. From Tokyo’s futuristic neon lights, to the rice fields of Izumo. From Kyoto’s traditional setting and its ancient temples, to the pristine beaches of the Goto Islands. We have chosen the best locations so that you can make the absolute best of your time in Japan.

  • Experience small-town living, with our short homestay in one of Japan's spiritually significant towns!
  • Visit the Goto Archipelago! Home of some of Japan's most beautiful beaches, delicious food, and steeped in deep and rich history.
  • Visit Japan's largest theme park! Huis Ten Bosch is like stepping into a small Dutch village. A must-see while in Japan for sure.
  • Meet and greet with a young geisha. Not just an ordinary show, you'll have the chance to have your questions answered as the ladies serve you tea.
  • Deer-filled temples of Nara. Feed the deer of Nara while you take in the sight of Japan's largest Buddha statue.

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Gibwa Cole
Yes, I recommend this program

Absolutely brilliant!

I can’t recommend this tour enough. It was a daunting decision coming to Japan, knowing that no one really spoke English and expecting a completely different culture. But the guide at Kichi Japan put us all at ease with his through knowledge of Japan, local tips and fluency in Japanese. Tokyo is crazy and I saw things I’d never even imagined. Japan is absolutely beautiful and the people are really helpful. It really provided a well-rounded experience of Japan and I’ll definitely be back!

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Nothing to add at this moment :)
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