Traveling with other members of the LGBTQ community is one of the most fun and self-affirming trips you can take. With extensive tour options all over the world, you can find yourself in the most famous beaches in Thailand or the most quaint European towns with a group of other LGBTQ travelers. Often, guided tours are led by a gay guide so you can feel safe while you explore and learn about a different culture.

Enjoy a gay cruise or a local pride event, embark on a new adventure in the wild, and make new friends along the way. These tours can provide an interesting array of activities and types of accommodation. There are popular destinations in Europe, South America, and even Africa. No frontier is out of bounds when you're traveling with your new closest LGBTQ buddies.

Popular Destinations


Most countries in Europe are progressive and tolerant, making them a great place to visit on an LGBT tour. These tours are popular in the summer when cities around the region celebrate pride, with weeks of celebratory parties and parades. An LGBT tour that centers around pride events in cities like Brussels and Paris will include an itinerary full of the hottest parties in town without skimping out on the most iconic tourist sights.


Though visiting some countries in Africa can be dangerous as an LGBT traveler, LGBT tours in countries like Kenya and South Africa can provide a safe haven for you to explore this beautiful continent. You'll get to enjoy wildlife safaris or take a helicopter ride over Victoria Falls. Your gay guide will be able to advise you on the dos and don'ts, keeping you safe while educating you on LGBT rights in those countries.


With popular ladyboy shows and underground LGBT neighborhoods, Asia is an exciting destination for LGBT travelers. Your tour will also be full of magnificent ancient temples and exotic sandy beaches. Countries like Thailand are known for their incredible nightlife and beach parties, where you can feel free to be yourself. Though LGBT nightlife is more low-key in countries like Cambodia, there is no shortage of gay clubs and drag bars across the region.

South America

LGBT cruises are popular for LGBT travelers and South America has some of the world's most unique cruise options. You can embark on an adventure tour from Ecuador to the Galapagos Islands, where you'll see local animal species, or around the south of Argentina and Chile to hike on glaciers at the "end of the world." On board, you can enjoy entertainment catered to your interests, with fabulous stage productions and parties.

Planning Your Trip

Event Tours

Many LGBT travelers choose to travel during pride festivities around the world. This can help you experience LGBT culture overseas, meeting like-minded people while you discover a new city. Tours centered around LGBT and pride events will combine local sightseeing with a celebration so that you get to have a more traditional look at your destination while still experiencing its colorful parties.

Adventure Tours

If you want to get in touch with your daring side, you may want to consider an LGBT adventure tour. There are options all over the world including the plains of Africa and the mountains of South America. You can enjoy trekking with your fellow LGBT travelers through forests and along the sea for an unforgettable time in good company. These may include activities like camping or hiking that are geared for the more rugged types.


A popular option for LGBT travelers is onboard one of many gay cruises all over the world. You might want to tour the Greek Islands or party in the Caribbean with a ship full of other potential friends. LGBT cruises offer tailored entertainment and excursion options at your ports of call. Of course, there's also plenty of time to lay out and work on your summer tan.

Planning Your Trip

LGBT travelers have many worldwide tour options that include a plethora of activities to enjoy. Whether you prefer to relax with a glass of wine or strap on your hiking boots for a day of exploring, there's always something that's right for you.

What to Look for in an LGBT Tour

When choosing the best LGBT tour, you should take a close look at the destinations and activities included to ensure they closely match your interests. Some tours are specifically for gay men or lesbian women, which can provide a more specific experience that you're looking for. Most gay tour companies are very forthcoming about what experience you can expect to have. In some countries, where homosexuality is illegal, you may be instructed to be very careful about public displays of affection.

Common Types of LGBT Tours

Like us, LGBT tours come in all colors and shapes. Some allow you to connect with LGBT travelers on a traditional trip through a particular country or region. This can be a good way to meet different people from all over the world while seeing the highlights like you would on any other non-LGBT tour. Some more specific tours specialize in the outdoors or in LGBT events or destinations, so you can become familiar with the LGBT scene overseas.

Typical Tour Cost

You can expect the cost of an LGBT tour to be vastly different depending on where you're headed and for how long. You can snag a spot on a gay cruise for as little as $1,000. Some luxury LGBT travel experiences in Africa or South America may be as much as $3,000-$5,000. Aside from private LGBT travel companies, travel packages for city- or country-specific pride events may be available on a seasonal basis.

Other Tips for LGBT Tours

You should heed the warnings from tour operators about how to behave overseas during your trip. You may be expected to show a bit of modesty in certain parts of the world. Certain countries also have specific visa requirements, which you will have to take care of before embarking on your tour. Tour operators can help you apply and obtain a visa if necessary, but remember that the responsibility is ultimately yours.

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