Friendly Whales & Ancient Paintings of Baja

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The Baja peninsula is a land of Quixotic spirit, a spirit that can be sensed in the crisp sea-salt air of the coastline and the shimmering view of ancient cave paintings in the arid desert. In this transcendental landscape, the sea merges with canyons in an unparalleled synthesis. On this tour, witness the immensity of the ocean and the intimate experience of engaging with whales in sheltered lagoons. Hike among brush and cacti through arroyos, your own desert solitaire, to stand before haunting and mythic cave paintings depicting cultures and peoples long since gone. You will take trails and find unmarked paths; you will commune with nature and look into the enigmatic eye of the whale.

  • Several sports to get involved in
  • Santa Teresa Canyon
  • Mythic cave paintings

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