Oaxaca: Women & Girls’ Empowerment

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Gain a rare insight into Mexican culture, and in particular the indigenous Zapotec people, on this fascinating trip into the communities of the Oaxaca Valley. See how non-profits such as Fundación En Vía are working to empower and uplift historically disadvantaged women in the region, and learn how you can help. You will be invited into the homes and workplaces of local women to learn traditional cooking and craft techniques passed down through the generations.

Over six impactful days, you’ll have the chance to get lost amid the winding colonial streets of Oaxaca City’s 16th-century historic district, visit the ancient ruins of Monte Albán and discover the bizarre rocks of Hierve el Agua. By the time your deep dive into the local culture draws to a close in Oaxaca City, back where you started, you’ll have built up a multifaceted picture of what life is like here, and fostered connections with some unforgettable women.

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