Mongolian Steppe Wilderness Cycling Vacation

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Travel to Mongolia for a one of a kind cycling adventure in a picturesque landscape. You will stay in camping sites and authentic Mongolian accommodation, enjoy nomadic horse rides and traditional cuisine on this nine-day vacation complete with accommodation, meals, professional guidance and expert bike assistance.

The guided cycling vacation will take you through Ulaanbaatar and the wild Janchivlan, Shohoi Tsagaan, Zuun Bayan, Sutsadav, and Yolt Pass of Mongolia. You will have a chance to ride native Mongolian horses and wander in the lush grasslands, filled with bright wild flora and granite wonders of mother nature.

Pedal far away in the plain greenery, ride through the rough edges of Altan Olgii Mountain, and speed your pace as you attempt to outperform the hurrying waterways nearby.
This guided biking vacation is recommended for riders with moderate level of physical fitness who can cycle off road and are comfortable with any terrain and weather conditions.

  • Ride through the Mongolian steppe
  • Ride native Mongolian horses
  • Sleep in tents on the bank of a river
  • Wander in the wide Mongolian wilderness
  • Travel and meet locals on your journey

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