Arabic Language & Moroccan Explorer Tour (15 Days)

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Worldaway Tours welcomes you to exotic Morocco!
Learn the Arabic Language from professional Arabic teachers in one-on-one & small group settings.
Visit the Hassan Tower, the world’s largest Minaret and a World Heritage Site featuring breathtaking views from the top, followed by Dar Lemrini- the largest house in the Medina!
See the amazing city of Morocco’s Blue City, Chefchaouen, stay at the Hotel Madrid, and hike up the grandiose Cascades D’ Akchour Waterfalls. The next day, explore the city and practice your Arabic in one of the most unique places on earth!
Week 2 includes a trip to the amazing City within the City- Kasbah Des Oudaya! You’ll also experience the historic wonder of the Chellah Roman Ruins and Royal Palace on two separate days, AND see the grand Moroccan National Library!
At the end of the trip, there will be a graduation ceremony followed by a whole day of shopping in the capital city of Rabat!

  • The tour includes immersive activities for Language practice like diving into various city markets, Moroccan Cooking Classes, or even a visit to a Traditional Moroccan Bath House!
  • Spend time with your fellow travelers and enjoy your exotic surroundings, getting to know people who share the same interest in the world as you do!
  • Explore Morocco and its amazing cities: immerse yourself in the culture of Rabat and Chefchaouen and the city within the city, Kasbah Des Oudaya!
  • Enjoy the rare traveling opportunities of hiking to the top of the Cascades D’ Akchour Waterfalls and witness the breathtaking Chellah Roman Ruins and Royal Palace!
  • No previous knowledge is necessary! Whether you’re an Arabic Language guru or diving in for the first time, this tour will be the trip of your life!

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