The best of both land and sea meet in Mozambique. From incredible interior terrain to wave-kissed shores, the country’s landscape gives way to a variety of activities for travelers to undertake. Whether you’re spotting wildlife at Gorongosa National Park or embarking on an underwater safari by scuba diving and snorkeling, Mozambique’s dual nature shines in everything.

Tours in Mozambique will have travelers embracing the unique qualities of this African country. Matapa, a staple of Mozambican cuisine, and piri-piri seafood dishes are sure to grace the dinner table during your stay. If you manage to wrangle a free day, catching a soccer match in Maputo, the capital, is an exciting way to spend an afternoon.

Between all of the outdoor activities and cultural experiences, a tour of Mozambique won’t soon be forgotten. Travelers can expect to have an adventurous getaway marked by awe-inspiring moments.

Popular Activities

Water Sport Tours

Mozambique’s east coast hugs the Indian Ocean, where water sports fanatics can take up their kayak paddles or diving masks and start splashing. From mainland shores or island retreats, travelers have their choice of sea activities, with snorkeling, scuba diving, and parasailing being a handful of top choices. In between water adventures, embark on a boat tour to go dolphin or whale-watching.

Wildlife Tours

In Mozambique, travelers have the opportunity to spot some iconic African wildlife. Most tours will take you deep into the countryside through areas like Gorongosa National Park. Primates, lions, hippos, and a unique array of birdlife all make this protected land a popular safari destination. Other tours may combine countries, taking you briefly to the nearby Kruger National Park in South Africa.

Horseback Riding Tours

For a more adventurous experience in Mozambique, book a multi-day horseback riding excursion. Totally exposed to the elements and moving along at a slower pace, you’ll be able to take in all of the sights that surround you. With many horseback riding tours combining beach and countryside, riders are able to enjoy the best of both worlds in Mozambique.

Planning Your Trip

Now that you’ve got your heart set on Mozambique, it’s time to start planning your tour. Below, we’ve outlined some essential information to help you prepare.

Best Time to Visit Mozambique

There are two main seasons in Mozambique: wet and dry. The latter, taking place from May to November, is the preferred travel period for dodging sweltering temperatures and cyclones. Your planned activities might also influence when you visit -- for example, July to September is the ideal time to visit for whale spotting.

What to Look for in a Tour to Mozambique

On a tour of Mozambique, you’re likely to get caught up in an abundance of adventure activities. While you should select a tour that highlights the outdoor wonders of Mozambique, don’t shy away from cultural experiences. Taste the food, meet the locals, and go to events -- you’ll love experiencing this side of the country as well.

Typical Tour Cost

To give you an idea of the typical tour cost, an overnight trip to a national park will be priced in the mid to high hundreds, while a wildlife tour that’s for a week or more will likely cost a few grand. Other tour types are similarly estimated. Keep in mind, there’s a ton that goes into these kinds of trips -- other than meals and a place to stay, fees cover things like land or water transport, gear, and park entry.

Packing Tips & Gear Rental

Your tour operator will be able to provide essential equipment for travel in Mozambique, like mosquito nets or activity-specific gear. Travelers should not forget to bring the following from their own supplies:

  • Sunscreen and bug spray
  • Lightweight summer attire
  • Bathing suit
  • A jacket and pair of pants (for evenings and safaris)
  • Walking shoes and sandals
  • Camera

Other Tips for Travel in Mozambique

Remnants of Portugal’s colonization of Mozambique still linger today, more than three decades after the country gained independence. The official language is Portuguese, with about half the population speaking it. Bantu languages, Swahili, and others are also spoken in Mozambique. For foreign visitors, though, a Portuguese phrasebook should suffice in most interactions.

Health & Safety


Hepatitis A and typhoid shots are suggested for travel to Mozambique, according to the CDC. Malaria is also a health risk that travelers will face, and while visiting during the cooler months lessens your chance of contracting the illness, medication is still advised. Additionally, if your trip is to be riddled with adventure activities, acquiring travel medical insurance might be a good precaution to take.


A trip to Mozambique will be one that’s relatively worry-free. The country has the lowest travel advisory issued by the U.S. Department of State and is considered a safe destination for travelers to explore. Of course, there may be extra risks posed depending on your tour. Just be sure to stay in the vehicle if a pride of lions crosses the road during your safari, and you’ll have a spectacular time in Mozambique.

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