Climb Mardi Himal and Paragliding from the Peaks

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Climbing and flying in the peaks is the most thrilling combination that Babu Adventureoffers—a challenging climb to the summit and an exhilarating launch with the best views imaginable. Flying like a bird in the lofty Himalayan peaks.

We welcome all-comers for this special journey, whether you join for a tandem flight or are already an accomplished independent pilot. We consider ourselves pioneers in this field and have many levels of experience and training. Our personal accomplishments include the honor of being voted National Geographic Adventurers of the Year 2012 for climbing Everest and launching off the summit before then kayaking all the way to the Bay of Bengal. As you can see, we have experience and qualification both practical, hands on knowledge-based and theoretical training with a love for adventure.

  • Gives advanced pilots the foundation and deeper knowledge for high elevation flying
  • We arrange all necessary staff with porters, cooks, tents and necessary gear
  • Sail over the wondrous scenery as if we are birds

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