21 Day Photography & Media Course

Video and Photos


Don’t just SEE the wonders of Nepal-CAPTURE them on Camera!
Cover a multitude of different photography techniques like
• Action Photography/media
• Portrait Photography/media
• Macro Photography/media
Part of your trip will be supporting the local ecosystem with sustainability work in tree plantations in the area.
You’ll spend a day helping tree plantations out in exchange for air travel and transportation during your trip, a great way to help cover costs and to dive into the intricate culture of Nepal!
Other activities that will be dispersed throughout the Photography and Media Course are hiking, rafting, kayaking, and canyoneering.
These will be used in partnership with the Photography Lessons so that you can capture the action and beautiful scenery of Nepal while on these fun excursions!
This is one of the most unique experiences one can have while studying abroad so sign up today as spots will fill up fast for an opportunity like this!

  • Explore one of the most amazing countries in the world, learn about the art of photography, and experience a unique culture as the course takes you behind the scenes of Nepal and behind the camera!
  • 3 Weeks at The Royal Beach Camp teaches the Art of Photography from the history of the craft to the most modern technologies and techniques used to create breathtaking content.
  • Along with the Photography lessons, you’ll have the opportunity to teach your own Photography & Media Course and share your new skills with your peers.
  • You’ll do it all on this trip: From kayaking to hiking, to learning your way around a camera, to getting your hands dirty by helping out the environment.
  • The Best Part is, you won’t be learning photography at a desk, but rather, you’ll do it all during your three weeks in one of the most scenic countries in the world!

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