21 Day Permaculture Course

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Permaculture Course Nepal
Permaculture Course Nepal
Permaculture Course Nepal
Permaculture Course Nepal
Permaculture Course Nepal
Permaculture Course Nepal


The 3 Week Permaculture Course takes place in Nepal’s awe-inspiring Royal Beach Camp!
The First Week is for introduction and team bonding activities like rafting, kayaking, or canyoneering!
Week 2: Dive into farming, restoration work, and developing your final project for presentation to the group at the end of the course.
The daily schedule typically includes morning yoga and stretching to prepare your body for physical labor, project work, team activities, group meetings to prepare or debrief, and relaxation/reflection time with the group!
On Day 19, present your final project to the group and enjoy a celebratory BBQ on the Beach! The next day, travel to Kathmandu for a shopping trip and sightseeing before departure day.
This once-in-a-lifetime experience offers you the chance to work below one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in the world and enjoy a Three Week Educational Vacation unlike any other!

  • Whether you’ve got a green thumb or just interested in sustainability, the Worldaway Tours Permaculture Course has everything you need for an eye-opening educational experience!
  • Come find adventure in the mountain ranges of Nepal and learn real-world farming and restoration work techniques to help grow crops in tough environments!
  • It’s far more than a regular vacation: learn about Permaculture Techniques and thriving in harsh climates, and develop your teambuilding, leadership, and critical thinking skills!
  • Also, experience engaging opportunities to work on a Tree Plantation to learn about Sustainability while helping the local ecosystem and compensating for air travel and transportation in Nepal!
  • Challenge yourself and step out of your comfort zone to become an expert farmer with a life-changing experience under your belt!

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