Tongariro Whitewater Grade 3 Adventure

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The Best Grade 3 Rafting Adventure in New Zealand

The Tongariro Whitewater Grade 3 is our most popular adventure and the Tongariro River is world-famous for its incredible scenery, pristine water and incredibly rare wild life. Only with Rafting New Zealand will you get to experience the 50+ Grade 3 Rapids of the Tongariro River with an authentic professional Kiwi raft guide.

A unique blend of fun, excitement, adrenaline, education and culture is what you’ll receive with our Tongariro Whitewater Grade 3 Adventure. Experience authentic Maori myths and legends shared by professional New Zealand guides that have a special connection to them; witness some of the world’s most pristine environments from crystal clear waters to native flora and fauna, as well as the chance to see one of New Zealand’s most endangered birds in it’s natural environment – the Whio (or, Blue duck) – famous for its ‘whistle’, rather than ‘quack’.

  • Extremely rare native wildlife
  • Over 50 Grade 3 rapids
  • Local authentic professional tour guides
  • Heated showers and changing rooms

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