Explore the Norwegian Alps from Fjords to Summits!

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Fully guided trip with start and finish at our activity center in Ålesund. This trip includes highlights like kayaking in a magical fjord landscape, stunning view over the deep fjords and a hike to the summit of Mt Saksa. This trip is not a walk in the park: it's 2 days with kayak and 2 days with hiking trips to beautiful summits. But if you are in a normal shape, sporty and have a positive attitude, it's no problem for you.

We paddling narrow the coastline and under bridges, crossing Storfjorden, on our way to Hjørundfjorden. If we are lucky we may see some wildlife, some porpoises or eagles. We are paddling passing coastal landscape, stop along the way for some lunch before we are gliding into a magical fjord and reaching Molaupen.

Friday morning we'll eat a good breakfast before we jump in the kayak and start paddling to Trandal; here we switch from kayak to hiking gear and start to make our way to the summit of Trandalhatten.

  • Hiking and kayak adventure.
  • Exploring, travel in the outdoors in Norway.
  • Experience the fjord and the mountains.
  • Sleep outside in the wild.
  • Guided trip.

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