Tastes Of Pakistan: 14-Day Culinary Tour With Sumayya Usmani

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Rich in tradition and full of diversity, Pakistani food can boast a variety of flavors every bit as subtle and varied as that of its world-renowned culinary neighbor. A fusion of tastes and elements that range from the rivers of Punjab, to the rugged mountains of the North West Frontier, Pakistani cuisine blends some of the finer elements of Middle Eastern, Far Eastern and Indian techniques to create a taste and flavor all of its own. Accompanied by internationally published food writer, author and cookery expert, Sumayya Usmani, this unique culinary adventure takes us through the heart of the Karakoram Mountains and deep into the timeless landscapes of the Hunza Valley. Sharing Sumayya’s passion for the rich gastronomic heritage of her homeland we will journey from the Pakistani capital, Islamabad, north into the vast landscapes that lie at the western edge of the Himalayan ranges.

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