Spanish Immersion + Machu Picchu (by Train) Tour (29 days)

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Worldaway Tours welcomes you to the Land of the Incas!
This 29 Day Trip to Peru immerses you in a culture just as rich as its Incan history. Take your Spanish Speaking Abilities to new levels and Take a Train Ride to witness the Ancient Incan Temple of Machu Picchu!
Learn Spanish from Professionally-taught, private instructors and culture yourself in Peruvian Cooking Classes and Salsa Lessons!
Hit Scenic and Historic Attractions on Guided Tours to places such as:
• Cusco City,
• Salineras and Moray,
• Tipon and Piquillacta,
• Huchuy Qosqo,
• Laguna Humantay
• The Planetarium (‘Astronomic Inca Tour’),
• And Rainbow Mountain!
AND THE MAIN ATTRACTION: The Glorious MACHU PICCHU! See the glorious pride of the Incas. Take a Train Ride through the Sacred Valley straight to the Famed Temple!

  • This once in a lifetime trip offers you the chance to expand your viewpoints, dive into a unique culture, and witness history in one breathtaking place, all while becoming an expert in Español!
  • Take the Train Ride to Machu Picchu and stay at the luxurious hotel in Aguas Calientes!
  • Learn Spanish from the Professionals of Perù and practice your skills in culturally immersive activities like Coffee Tours and Walking Tours of Cusco!
  • Tour Historical Landmarks and Tourism Hotspots like Cusco City, Salineras, Huchuy Qosqo, and more! You’ll meet fellow travel lovers and enjoy time being with new friends!
  • Take Salsa Dance Lessons and Cooking Classes from South American Professionals and bring back so much more from your trip than just pictures and memories!

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