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The Aeta children, the indigenous population of the Philippines, come from mountain villages that are located far from anywhere. Because of the distance, it is very difficult for the children studying at our partner school to commute everyday from their villages. The SFLC has therefore built three houses to serve as dormitories for the children while at school, one for the girls, two for the boys. Two full-time and one part-time house mothers supervise the children’s daily routine.

The Center is located at the foot of a mountain near a river. The Aeta children come from different mountain villages all around the region, and on this project, the GiveBack GiveAway crew will be supplying the school with a home economics room, and a playground, so this community can continue their way of life and also learn in a conducive environment.

  • Refurbish and modernise our partner school’s classrooms, and help us install the school’s first ever playground for the 100 impoverished kids in their beachside community.
  • Boat through the world’s largest underwater cave, often referred to as the ‘8th Wonder of the World!’
  • Drink fresh coconuts amidst dips in the electric blue ocean at Nacpan Beach, Palawan
  • An epic island hopping boat trip throughout the Philippine’s most beautiful area, El Nido. Snorkelling, ice cold beers, untouched beaches and crystal clear water
  • Hike epic Mount Tapas, and then soak those weary limbs in the natural hot springs in Coron

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