Moscow - Beijing: Two Capitals - One Road

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Are you ready to go through Eurasia with the longest Railways of the world? If yes, we connect two capitals Moscow and Beijing and create your one trip special for you! You will go through five time zones and see landscapes almost of all Russia, Mongolia and China.
The Nature on the way astonish with Its diversity. And the sound of the train will make you forget all your common problems and will take you in the dreams of other cultures and times long long ago.
To get back to our times you will make stops on the way to see different cities and to rest in the small hotels. In Irkutsk you can make a longer stop to see the largest freshwater lake in the world the Baikal Lake. After green rocks and forest your eyes will open the view of steppe of Mongolia. Before border to China train wheels will be changed to fit wheel sets on the Chinese railway and you will be trained to your end destination Beijing.

  • Golden-domed Moscow
  • Trans-Siberian Railway
  • Trams-Mongolian Railway
  • Beautiful Baikal Lake
  • Multifaceted Beijing

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