One of the most-often cited reasons to not take a trip is having no one to go with. With a solo tour catering to single travelers, this doesn’t have to hold you back. Fully guided solo tours come with built-in travel friends while enabling you to see the places and discover the cultures you want to explore. There are tons of exciting options including cultural tours, adventure tours, and city-hopping tours, all adjustable to your budget.

From the bustling historical old towns of Europe to the ancient temples of India, a solo tour can take you anywhere you want to go without the stress or uneasiness of traveling alone. This can free you to explore, adventure, and trek as far as you want into a foreign wilderness. When you find yourself on a safari in South Africa or trekking along the Great Wall with a few new travel buddies, you'll be glad you took the plunge.


Full of rich culture and natural beauty, India is a popular destination for solo travelers who can’t seem to find anyone else willing to go with them. Going to India on a solo tour provides an added layer of safety and peace of mind, without the intimidation you might experience going there alone. Your knowledgeable guides and other travelers will accompany you to some of the country’s most famous attractions like the Taj Mahal and the markets of New Delhi.

South Africa

A solo tour to South Africa includes city fun as well as nature and wildlife. These expertly planned tours may include a safari through Amakhala Game Reserve or a relaxing day on Boulders Beach in Cape Town. The exciting itineraries and variety of activities will bond you and your fellow solo travelers so that by the end of the trip, you’ll have gone from perfect strangers to best of friends.


A solo tour to Germany is a fantastic escape if you want to experience beautiful architecture, rich history, and wild nightlife. You might spend the day visiting the Reichstag before hitting the town for a night out in the epic clubs of Berlin. At certain times of the year, like during Oktoberfest or Christmas, unique events will help you learn more about German traditions and culture. Cheers to that!


You might be overwhelmed walking the busy, loud streets of Beijing, but on a solo tour, you can enjoy the city’s iconic monuments and grand landscapes of the Yangtze River in good company. Since China is so large, there are many different kinds of tours and itineraries, allowing you to pick and choose the sights that you want to see most. You won’t have to worry about picking the best accommodations in the country’s sprawling cities, because that’s all taken care of for you.

Adventure Tours

Going on a hike through a nature reserve might be quite intimidating as a solo traveler. If that’s the kind of holiday you’re looking for, a solo tour might be best for you, since your tour comes with built-in companions. You don’t have to shy away from going rafting or jungle trekking, allowing you to achieve your wilder travel dreams. Your guide adds an extra layer of safety and knowledge that you wouldn’t otherwise have if you went alone.

Cultural Tours

One of the most interesting reasons to travel is to discover the cultural nuances of another country. A solo tour allows you to share that exciting discovery of local customs and cuisine. As you go to the museums and monuments that catalog a country’s history, you’ll be able to reflect on it with your tour mates. Some of these tours emphasize small-town tradition and will include stops in villages and towns that would be out of reach for you on your own. Of course, when it comes time to have a drink, you’ll have a whole group to clink glasses with.

City Tours

Solo tours are a good option for exploring countries with several important cities, like in Europe. This alleviates the headache of trying to take trains or buses through Italy or France. You can just sit back and let your tour operators hammer out all those logistical details, so you have nothing to worry about when you get to Paris except what to order for lunch. In these busy cities, going with a tour can help you skip the line for some of the most popular sights like the Louvre or the Vatican Museum.

Taking a solo tour can be an exciting experience, since you’re not only discovering a new place but the people you’ll be traveling with, as well. To ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience, you should set aside enough time for planning to help you choose the tour that’s right for you.

What to Look for in a Solo Tour

Solo tours allow you privacy while providing the comfort and peace of mind of traveling with a group. If you’re interested in forging a close friendship with your fellow solo travelers, you should look for a tour that allows you to share rooms with one or more people on the tour. You should look for a tour that includes the cities and experiences you want, but don’t shy away from experiences you hadn’t even thought about.

Common Types of Solo Tours

Popular solo tours often venture to places that might be intimidating to a solo traveler. Traveling to a place you would otherwise consider risky can be a breeze on a solo tour, where you have the support of a guide and other travelers. For the same reason, adventure tours are popular for solo travelers, so you’ll never have to venture out into the wilderness without a buddy. Not only can this give you a truly unforgettable experience, but it also gives you the chance to meet other travelers that can be friends for life.

Typical Tour Cost

No matter what your budget, there’s a tour that can fit your needs. You can take a solo tour to India for as little as $800, or a month-long tour in China for as much as $3,000. The cost will depend heavily on the length of your trip and the cost of living at your destination. You can save on a solo tour by opting for shared accommodation.

Other Tips for Solo Tours

Many solo tours will allow you to connect with the other travelers before you go on your trip. This can help you get to know everybody and get your questions answered before you leave.

Depending on your destination, there may be cultural norms that you may have to follow including how to dress or speak to locals. You should demonstrate some cultural sensitivity to best allow you to learn about your destination on your trip.

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