Shark & Marine Conservation Tour (15 Days)

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Dive in as Worldaway Tours presents one of our most exhilarating and exotic Learning Tours with the Sharks of South Africa!
Near Cape Town, South Africa, these aquatic research excursions will take you to new depths and heart-racing opportunities as you get up close and personal with wondrous marine life!
Week 1: Plunge into a cage dive in the harbor, an Ethical Handling and Angling Workshop, and a Research Boat Trip to the Local Penguin and Sea Bird Sanctuary!
Also: Two more cage diving boat trips, a snorkeling survey, and a trip to beautiful Hermanus!
Week Two: A Day Trip to Cape Agulhas (the southernmost point of Africa, and perhaps the most jaw-dropping) and a fourth cage dive!
You’ll also enjoy trips on the Research Boat with a Catch and Release Survey and your very own Video Survey for your research!
Two HUGE Attractions end the trip: 1) The Drip Caves Tour for an underground adventure and 2) an awe-inspiring trip to the Betty’s Bay Penguin Colony!

  • Find experiences that most people could never even imagine while performing research that will show you a world of adventure and rare marine life that will leave you speechless!
  • For a trip like this, the spots will fill up fast! And the amazing part is, No Previous knowledge is necessary! Anything you need to know, our Professional Guides will teach you!
  • Adrenaline junkies and marine lovers will delight in these chances to you make new friends, stay in quality accommodations, and experience the most exhilarating and interesting vacation ever!
  • Dive into your surroundings on wonderful excursions like Fat Biking, Shopping Trips, and a Wine Farm Tour! Snorkel with marine life (AND Dive in a Shark Cage - 6 Times!)
  • Far more than fish! Witness flightless (and flying) tourist attractions at two different penguin reservations: The Penguin and Sea Bird Sanctuary and the Betty’s Bay Penguin Colony!

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