There are few things more exciting than listening to tens of thousands of excited fans cheer on their team in a chorus of different languages. You’ll be cheering too as you yell above the roar of the crowd as some of the planet's best athletes compete on the world stage right in front of you.

If you’ve ever dreamed of experiencing the thrill, excitement, and skill showcased in some of the premier sporting events of the world, then consider going on a guided sports tour.

Navigating the complexities of securing tickets, accommodations, and all the nitty-gritty details of attending a major sporting event can be daunting. That’s where a tour company specializing in these events comes in. They’ll set all that up for you, so all you need to think about is how amazing it will be to witness sports history with your own eyes!

Where to Go

Tokyo Olympics

As far as sporting events are concerned, it doesn’t get much bigger than the Olympics. The highly anticipated Olympic Summer Games in Tokyo are fast approaching and you don’t want to miss out. Cheering on athletes from your country as they compete with others from around the world is an experience to remember for a lifetime.

Attending the Olympic Games as part of an organized tour is a great way to make sure you don’t miss out on the excitement. Going solo to the Olympics takes a lot of planning and luck. A tour company will take the stress out of booking accommodations, securing tickets, and navigating the chaos of the tournaments, leaving you free to focus on the excitement of the games.

Wimbledon in London

The crown jewel of tennis events can only be experienced at Wimbledon in London. Come to London in June as part of a tour to experience the world’s most popular tennis event. Perhaps there is no better way to feel British than to watch top tennis players compete while sipping your Pimm’s Cup on Henman Hill. You might even catch a glimpse of a member of the royal family while you’re there.

Qatar: 2022 World Cup

While billions of fans will be watching on TVs around the world, you can be attending the world’s greatest soccer tournament in person. The Persian Gulf nation of Qatar is set to host the next World Cup in 2022. Qatar will be the smallest country to ever host the tournament, meaning that you can easily tour the entire country as you go from one thrilling match to the next. Going to Qatar for the World Cup will put you front and center in this world-unifying showcase of athletic greatness.

Tour de France

There is nothing quite like seeing the world’s premier cyclists zoom past you as they compete for the highest honor in the sport. Traveling to France to witness the Tour de France will put you in the company of the millions of enthusiasts who line the roads around France to cheer on the racers.

The race’s route is over 2,000 miles long. This means that you will also be touring the country as you follow the cyclists. This is where a guided tour comes in handy. They’ll get you to the best and most iconic spots to attend the race while also providing a tour of the region. Some tours even include biking certain stages of the race yourself, though not as part of the competition of course.

Planning Your Trip

What to Look for in a Sports Tour

When choosing a guided sports tour, consider what's included. Does the company book accommodations, make travel arrangements, secure tickets to events, and provide meals? All of these can be hard to come by during popular sporting events, so a company that makes all these arrangements can be very helpful. Ask if these are included in the booking price.

Also, request a detailed itinerary and ask how flexible it is. If there is a particular event you don’t want to miss out on, make sure it's included on the tour or ask if it can be included. You might also want to see in what ways the tour goes beyond just the sporting events, like visiting nearby sights or museums. If there are activities that you’d like to do in addition to attending athletic events, you should see if those will be available.

Average Sports Tour Cost & Length

The length and cost of your tour will vary greatly depending on what event you are going to attend. Most major sporting events take several weeks. Some tours include time before or after the event to get to experience the destination while others focus solely on the competitions themselves.

Inclusive sports tours usually cost between $8,000 and $20,000 depending on the level of comfort, the category of seating, and how many events you attend. This is quite a range, so find out what's included in the price when researching individual companies.

Packing Tips & Gear Rental

Your tour company should provide any particular gear you might need, but it’s always smart to check first. Chances are that nothing, in particular, is required for your tour.

Where you go will dictate what you should bring. Bring sun protection if you’ll be sitting for many hours in an outdoor stadium or arena. Of course, you’ll want to bring the proper jersey, hat, and flag to cheer on your favorite athlete or country. Face-paint and giant foam hand are optional.

Other Tips

Long anticipated events will fill up early. Book your tour as soon as you can to avoid missing out.

At big sporting events, you’ll be rubbing shoulders with fellow enthusiasts from all over the world. This is a wonderful way to meet new people and bridge cultural divides. It’s great to cheer on your team, but don’t knock someones else's. Being aware of different cultural attitudes and practicing good sportsmanship is as important as ever.


Qualifications & Training

There are no special qualifications necessary to go on a sports tour. You’ll want to have some basic knowledge of the rules of the game and who the athletes are to have a complete understanding of your experience.

Activity Risks

Taking part in a sports tour is relatively risk-free. You’ll be in crowded spaces full of excited people, so be aware of your surroundings. Crowds are a haven for pickpockets, so keep an eye on your belongings and leave anything valuable in your hotel room.

Safety Tips

The hosts of public sporting events usually go to great lengths to ensure the safety of their guests. If you’ll be in a large stadium, notice where the nearest exit is in case you need to leave quickly. Avoid any kind of aggressive behavior that could lead to a physical altercation with another fan. Fights are known to break out in some sporting stadiums in some cultures.

Learn about any recommended vaccination requirements at your destination from the Center for Disease Control.

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