Sri Lanka Untouched Wildlife

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The natural world and those animals and plants which call it home seem increasingly under threat from the ravages and enterprise of mankind. Sri Lanka, however, is a world leader in conservation with 13% of the country has protected status as either National Parks, reserves, sanctuaries and jungle corridors. Unlike the rest of the world, this isn’t a recent attitude and as long ago as the 3rd century BC Buddhist monks established the world’s first wildlife sanctuary on the island. In the jungles you can still encounter majestic herds of elephants and playful troops of monkeys, waterfalls plummet down from the highlands which are home to hundreds of species of exotic bird and from the golden beaches, Blue Whales and Sea Turtles can be seen in the clear turquoise waters. If you wish to really explore this diversity hotspot, this is the trip for you.

  • Visit baby turtles and witness the hatching of tiny turtle eggs in the Hikkaduwa
  • Safari by Jeep to see the Game in Yala Park
  • Watch Whales in Mirissa
  • Jeep safari in the Minneriya and Kaudulla National Park (famous for large herds of wild elephant)
  • Enjoy the Most Scenic Train Journeys

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