7-Day Amazing Taiwan Experience

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Visit one of the most popular spots in Taiwan, Sun Moon Lake Scenic Area (including cruise + cable car), which is the largest freshwater lake in Taiwan. Enjoy Aboriginal Cuisine and visit the Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village, located in Nantou County. Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village is a theme park full of entertainment, cultural experience activities and traditional song/ dance performances. It is a great place to see a combination of Taiwanese recreation, tourism, and education. In addition to cultural experiences, you can also ride the fun roller-coaster and etc. During some seasons, the village offers seasonal performances or shows, such as a welcome ceremony, blessing ceremony, thorn blessing, ramie, and a historical museum visit.

  • 3D Experience of Sun Moon Lake, (Take a Boat + Ride a cable Car), Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village and all the other famous tourist attractions in Taipei, Nantou, Changhua, Taichung Island.
  • Ding Tai Feng, Shaoxing banquet, Taiwanese ground pork rice, Champion beef noodles, all the selected special meals! Enjoy all the great taiwanese food and snacks.
  • All attractions are included in the tour already. No extra mandatory optional tour!
  • Offer exquisite accommodations to provide you with the best quality of accommodation.

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