9-Day Taiwan Real Food Adventure

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Journey to the heart of one of the most exciting culinary scenes in Asia on this Real Food Adventure in Taiwan. From the fresh oyster omelet, mouth-watering sesame chicken and golden-brown fried taro balls served up in the night markets, to the many delicious incarnations of beloved beef noodle soup found all over the island, the Taiwanese approach to food is one of both modern flair and deep tradition. Join in street-level social enterprise in Taipei, roll your own xiao long bao (steamed soup dumplings), and sample a great spread of local produce straight from the source in Yilan – from spring onion to organic tea to boutique whiskey. With must-see sights such as Sun Moon Lake, Tainan and Taipei 101 included along the way, this Intrepid Real Food Adventure delivers the perfect balance of flavors in an often overlooked foodie paradise.

  • Dine at some legendary Taipei institutions, including the Ding Fung Restaurant and long-running Shin Yeh.
  • Stroll the ancient winding narrows of Anping Old Street, the must-do foodie pilgrimage in the South.
  • Spend a couple of hours helping local ‘Sweet Potato Mamas’ ply their daily yam trade, a unique experience which also benefits single mothers through the Genesis Social Welfare Foundation.
  • Take in the beauty of Sun Moon Lake from two wheels on an unforgettable bike ride around Taiwan’s stunning lagoon circuit.
  • Enjoy several hands-on, behind-the-scenes food experiences in Yilan – visits to tea fields, a spring onion farm and a whisky distillery.

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