12 Day Temples of Thailand Tour

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Begin getting to know the vibrant city of Bangkok with a private tour before a train ride to your first adventure: the Ayutthaya Temple Sites!!

After an eye-opening Bicycle Tour of the sites, the next stop is a journey to one of Thailand’s most historic cities, Chiang Mai!

With the best views, ancient temples, and unique people in the country, Chiang Mai is highlighted by Private Temple Tours of Doi Suthep and Doi Inthanon!

Day Seven is an absolutely breathtaking day of private tours deep into Chiang Rai and the Golden Triangle Region! The next day is a high altitude treat: The Chalermprakiat Mountain Temples!

Conclude the Temples of Thailand Tour with a Journey to Siem Reap, Cambodia for a local town tour and some entertaining cultural immersion. Step out of your comfort zone and into a new world!

Awaken the next day for a Private Sunrise Tour of the Angkor Temples! A Full Day Tour of these historic temples of Thai Architecture take you into a different world!

Program Highlights
  • The Temples of Thailand Tour takes you behind the scenes of some of the most magnificent Asian Architecture and its history, people, and lore!
  • With 12 Days in this exotic place, you’ll develop an appreciation for a different culture, step out of your comfort zone, and be wowed by these incredible structures!
  • With this life-changing opportunity, see some of the most wondrous ancient architecture that Asia has to offer, all while gaining a newfound knowledge about Thai History!
  • Gain appreciation for a different culture and an in-depth understanding about the story of this fascinating nation as you walk amongst the temples and ruins where the ancients walked!
  • With adventure, scenic tours, and entertaining cultural immersion, the Temples of Thailand Tour is the Ultimate Educational Vacation!

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