Ugandan Wildlife & Gorilla Conservation Tour (15 Days)

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Experience the amazing wildlife of Africa!
Begin at Murchison Falls National Park: the Ziwa Rhino Ranch, a morning Game Drive, and a Boat Cruise along the Nile!
Fort Portal Crater Field offers amazing wildlife, the Amabere g’ Nnyinamwiru Caves, views of crater lakes/hollows, and the Rwenzori Mountains (Mountains of the Moon).
While there, a morning chimpanzee trek and Bigodi Wetland Walk, the Kibale Forest for primate observance and the Bigodi Swamp Ecotourism Site!
The Ishasha Sector is next. You’ll See Climbing Lions that travel up the tree branches! Hike straight into the Gorilla’s natural habitat for up-close contact!
Finally, at Mburo National Park, see herds of big game, and immerse yourself in the Ankole Cultural Tour: meet the native Banyankole Pastoralists!
Then, a Bush Walking Safari reveals the Savannah Acacia landscapes dotted with extrusive Kopje rocks along with other Precambrian rocks that date back 500 million years!

  • No Previous knowledge is necessary for the trip: anything you need to know, you’ll learn during the tour along the way from our Professional Guides and Professors!
  • You’ll make friends with your fellow researchers, stay in high quality accommodations, and experience one of the most scenic, exotic, and exciting Educational Vacations ever!
  • This African Adventure takes you behind the scenes of exotic wildlife, Nature Conservation initiatives, and national parks that will leave you speechless and put your previous vacations to shame!
  • Witness Giraffes, Zebra, Topis, Water Bucks, and Warthogs in their Natural Habitat before ending the tour with a stop by the Uganda Equator!
  • You’ll also experience fun activities like a high ropes course and zip-lining adventure. Soar across Lake Bunyoni (The second deepest lake on the continent!) and enjoy a Sunrise boat Cruise!

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