Volunteer & Explore the untouched Uganda + Rwanda

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Get involved with the perfect mix of helping a community to help themselves and explore the best across Uganda & Rwanda!
Many years ago profoundly touched by the plight of orphans and the growing number of street children, our partner registered Community Based Organization operating in Masaka district committed to a life long journey to transform and uplift destitute children in slums.

They soon expanded to running a children’s school WECO Junior school where children under their protection and care acquire free education and those in the surrounding communities access very cheap education. Currently, their Junior school has enrolled 83 students in their junior school of only three rented temporary classrooms and a staff of 6 teachers.

With a growing need, and not enough space, the GBGA has pledged the funds, and labor to provide 3 new classrooms allowing more kids access to the amazing care and education these guys provide. Please come and help us.

  • Take a game drive in Queen Elizabeth National Park on the Uganda/Congolese border, home to lions, chimps, hippos, giraffes and a lot, lot more!
  • Opt to join the trek deep into the Ugandan forest to spend time with the endangered mountain gorillas in their natural habitat. The last region on the planet that this is possible.
  • Be a true adventurer as we cross the Equator and overland from Uganda’s bustling capital of Kampala, all the way down to Rwanda’s Capital, Kigali.
  • Get your hands dirty as we improving the educational facilities of our partner orphanage in Uganda. Learn about the local community and understand where your hard work and donations have helped these guys.
  • Take a moment to appreciate recent Rwandan history, and marvel at how well they have managed to overcome their differences to make Kigali one of the most prosperous cities in all of East Africa

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