Western Vineyards of Uruguay 4-Day Tour

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Western Uruguay is a mecca for wine lovers who travel to Colonia and vicinity during their Uruguay tours. Dark and dense with strong tannin, the red wine, Tannat, is as closely associated with Uruguay as Malbec is with Argentina. Previously grown mostly in Madiran, a small wine region in southwestern France, this obscure varietal brought by immigrants and proved an excellent match for the soil and climate of Uruguay. Today, more Tannat is produced in Uruguay than in France. These delicious four days will introduce you to Uruguay’s viticultural traditions and the historic attractions of Colonia del Sacramento. You will taste the wines of two wineries with different profiles and styles, one founded in the 19th century and one on the site of a 17th-century estancia.

Program Highlights
  • Historic City of Colonia
  • Uruguay’s viticultural traditions
  • Montevideo and Surrounding Vineyards

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