Sometimes a girls' trip is all we really need to relax and unwind. Women's tours allow you to get to know other inspiring female travelers while you get in touch with your femininity. These women-led journeys will make you feel safe and free to explore the world as a female traveler. The best part is that you’ll make friendships which last you a lifetime.

Women’s tours are available all over the world, giving you the opportunity to discover the mountain ranges of Asia and the ancient ruins of South America with your new female friends. As you immerse yourself in other cultures, and particularly women’s experiences in other cultures, your experience will redefine what it means to be a woman.


Traveling around Europe on a women’s tour can be an unforgettable adventure. With beautiful landscapes and unique cultures to discover, you might find yourself sharing a meaningful collective experience through the restaurants of Italy and the wineries of France. Who says Paris and Greece are only for lovers? Your new female travel buddies are the perfect company for a sunset cruise in Santorini or a picnic under the Eiffel Tower.

Middle East

Women’s tours in traditionally conservative countries in the Middle East allow you to blend adventure with cultural exploration. They allow you to experience the customs and traditions of women in countries like Iran or Jordan. You might be able to see where the hijabs come off at local hair salons or learn to cook a traditional Arab dish. At the end of your trip, you’ll have a newfound knowledge of a different culture and appreciation for women’s rights.


Women’s tours in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Nepal are becoming all the rage for adventure travel. These kinds of tours, where you might hike in the Himalayas or sit in quiet reflection at a Buddhist temple, can forge an incredible bond between you and your fellow female travelers. These exciting female excursions may also include experiences like cooking classes or traditional bathhouses, offering you a glimpse into the life of local women.

South America

Countries like Peru, Bolivia, and Brazil are popular destinations for women’s tours in South America. You might find yourself hiking the Inca trail or camping in the Amazon with other intrepid female travelers like you. These tours will allow you to discover your own inner strength while learning to rely on your fellow travelers for safety and support. When you find yourself at the top of Machu Picchu, your effort will be worth it -- and celebrated together!

Adventure Tours

Nothing says female empowerment like an adventure tour through exotic lands. On an adventure tour, you might enjoy rafting, hiking, camping, or cycling through beautiful landscapes, while you learn about a new culture. Not only will this help you increase your own self-reliance, but it will also teach you how to appreciate your womanhood and how powerful it is to come together in pursuit of a common goal. It’s an adventure that will bond you and your fellow travelers forever.


Going on a cruise is among the most stress-free ways to travel. Whether you’re young and single or enjoying your retirement, there are many different cruise options where you can kick back and relax with like-minded gals. Many of these offer onboard workshops and entertainment tailored to women, so you might learn a new skill or learn to manage women’s health issues. When you’re cruising through Europe or the Caribbean, you’ll be able to discover new places without the hassle and stress of a traditional vacation.

Culinary Tours

Is there any better reason to travel than to eat and drink around the world? Women’s tours with a culinary focus will make you forget all about your diet as you tour famous vineyards and learn to make pasta from scratch. It’s the perfect way to really get to know a new culture -- by learning all about its cuisine. Aside from the wonderful memories, you’ll take home exotic oils and spices and new cooking skills you learned abroad.

Spiritual & Religious Tours

When life is especially stressful or you’re trying to find your path, a spiritual getaway can provide a lot of clarity. Women’s tours overseas that focus on meditation or self-improvement can be just the thing you need. It will give you the opportunity to really connect with another culture and their spiritual practices as well as help you meet like-minded people that can provide bathhouses support group.

Safety is one of the main concerns for female travelers, especially if they are traveling alone.

The amount of autonomy afforded women varies in countries around the world. This means that in some places, the locals may find it strange that a woman is traveling alone or even in a small group of women. While both men and women need to stay alert and pay attention when in new environments, there are some increased risks for women.

Don’t walk alone at night. When you are out, act like you know where you’re going. Checking the map before leaving your accommodation and striding with purpose will prevent unwanted approaches. Always be aware. Keeping something to protect yourself, such as pepper spray, is never a bad idea (however it can only travel in a checked bag on flights).

Female travelers, especially when alone, may attract unwanted attention from men on the street. If anyone starts following you, or won’t leave you alone, try entering a store or finding another person or group to walk with.

Leave details of your accommodation and travel itinerary with family or friends, and check in with them regularly.

Always follow common sense and trust your intuition. Whenever unsure about safety concerns in a new region, ask your tour provider.

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