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Enjoying the sounds of the bush and some tea before bed time at the Bush Camp in Klaserie.
Our last day at Klaserie, we had So Much Fun! I Miss everybody!
Stacking bricks for a new building at the Reptile Center.
Group Volunteering in Africa - Building & Construction Projects
Group Volunteering in Africa - Building & Construction Projects
Group Volunteering in Africa - Excursions
Group Volunteering in Africa - Excursions
Group Volunteering in Africa - Safari
Group Volunteering in Africa - Safari
Group Volunteering in Africa - Excursions
Group Volunteering in Africa - Excursions
Group Volunteering in Africa - Community Projects
Group Volunteering in Africa - Community Projects


African Impact creates bespoke packages for family, high school, college or university groups. We will custom-make an experience for you and your group in order to strike the balance you desire between impact type, destination, and travel time. By partnering with us, you will have access to African specialists who will ensure your trip meets your goals and surpasses your expectation. We work in a range of service areas (from community to conservation) in countries throughout Southern Africa. If your group is passionate about sustainable volunteer efforts, responsible travel, and would like to acquire a depth of skill only possible in context, then group volunteering is the right fit for you.

The MOST flexible travel policy in volunteering

As a leader in global responsible travel African Impact understands that during the current COVID-19 crisis we must enable as much decision making flexibility as possible. In order to give our travelers full control we have implemented the most flexible travel policy in volunteering. Secure your space with only a US$200 deposit to travel to any of our locations or projects at any future date that suits you.

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Hello Jamiey, Thank you for getting in touch, we certainly do offer group experiences across many of our projects in Africa. This includes university/college/high school groups, hobby groups, or simply just groups of friends wanting to do something awesome together. The best way to get in touch with us is to drop us a message at: with more information on...

Yes! While I was there we had a couple that stayed for 6 weeks. They were spending a year traveling the world and I was fortunate enough to have been there while they volunteered! The set up a nice lodge for them and on our bush camping I bunked with a male volunteer from New Zealand so they could share a tent . No problem at all, just let them know in advance!


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Absolutely Best time Ever in South Africa!

I was mentally, physically and spiritually exhausted. At 56 I have traveled the world quite a few times and it hit me that I just need to leave. So I packed a backpack, packed a huge suitcase full of teaching and school supplies and left the US. I choose African Impact 's Big 5 because I wanted to be on the Conservation side of volunteering. I have always had a deep, abiding love for our fellow passengers on this planet. When I landed in Jo'Burg and made the trip to Dumela Lodge I was hit by two things. 1st the welcome was traditional, a musical song that made me wonder why I sit in a cubicle everyday at work. 2nd, the smiles, the air, the wide open space, I drank this all in and just Relaxed.

The 1st presentation was mind blowing, I was in a room with people from 15 countries and we all felt the same way! It has been decades since I have had this warm comfortable feeling of kinship. We shared where we were from, what we wanted to do and than we took off running. My 2nd night there we were staying in the Bush Camp in Klaserie part of Greater National Kruger Park. Between the Lion walking through our camp, finding the Breakaway Females with a fresh kill, Ellie's, Giraffes, Cape Buffalo's, Leopards, well I could go on and on! Eating dinner and turning around to see a Hyena put the biggest grin on my face! Sleeping to the sounds of Lions calling and Hyenas cackling, best therapy ever! Community projects became therapy for me. Building, painting and planting Keyholes gardens at the schools (Crash's) was a lesson in humility. The children were so happy and with so very little. To be able to help provide food so they can have more than one meal a day and be able to go home and help their parents learn to grow a garden, well it puts life in perspective. We dug out ponds, we cleared sickle bushes and burned them before the rains came. After 2 days I forgot about what day it was, after 2 weeks I just wanted to stay. I fell in Love with Africa and I want to go back!