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Do you want to volunteer abroad on women’s empowerment programs and create positive change for marginalized women and children? IVHQ is the world’s most trusted and affordable volunteer travel organization, offering the largest range of safe and impactful volunteer projects in 50+ destinations. Over 110,000 travelers have volunteered abroad with IVHQ over the past 10 years, making IVHQ the world’s most experienced volunteer organization with the best safety record. With program fees starting from only $180, IVHQ makes organizing a volunteer trip easy and affordable.

Discover 7 popular volunteering programs with a focus on Women's Rights available with IVHQ below. You can find out more about these options on IVHQ's Women's Empowerment programs page.

Kenya: As a volunteer on IVHQ's Women’s Education project in Kenya, you can work closely with centers which support women affected by HIV/AIDS in providing counseling, guidance, and childcare support. The aim of this project is to empower the women through income-generating projects, education and skills training.

Morocco: The Women's Education project in Morocco primarily focuses on education and teaching English, and sometimes French with local women and girls. Volunteers can also assist in educating the women in sewing, computer training and offering academic support to students.

India - Dharamasla: This project is well suited to volunteers with a passion for supporting women through education. Volunteer support locally-led help groups, health and hygiene education and assisting to build computer literacy.

India - Kerala: Support local initiatives that empower women and girls in the Fort Kochi area. You'll assist in developing independence, confidence building and fostering entrepreneurship skills.

Morocco - Marrakech: Working within local organizations in Marrakech, or in rural Morrocan villages, volunteers on the Women's Education project assist in enabling local Morrocan women to improve their literacy levels in English, French and Arabic, which then provide them with professional development opportunities.

Nepal: Provide assistance to a local education center that offers lessons to Nepalese women between the ages of 16-55 who have missed out on a decent education. The women who attend this program are very committed to their learnings.

Uganda: Support young women in developing the skills needed to carry out income-generating activities in Kampala, so they can provide for themselves and their families. If you're someone who is interested in promoting better opportunities for women in Uganda, this is a fantastic project to support.

International Volunteer HQ offers the world's largest range of family volunteer opportunities in 40+ destinations across Africa, Asia, Central America, South America, North America, Europe, the Caribbean and the Pacific. Discover IVHQ's full range of volunteer programs.

COVID-19 Update: IVHQ Programs In 30+ Countries Now Open!

IVHQ's world-leading volunteer programs have reopened in more than 30+ countries with additional health and safety measures in place. Thanks to IVHQ's flexible booking policy, it's free to change your dates, volunteer program or destination if your plans change.

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What would I expect to need if I were planning to volunteer for around 3 months or, a rate per month if possible? And what would be included? Sorry for the brevity, thank you


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Yes, I recommend this program

The most wonderful experience!

My time spent in Nairobi, Kenya with Fadhili Community was one of the best experiences I have ever had in my life. When I think back and try to figure out why this was the case, the same thing always jumps straight to the forefront of my mind. It was the wonderful people that I met each and every day, that have had such an impact upon my life that I dont think that I will ever be the same person that I was before I went to Kenya. I know that sounds cheesy but its true! The staff at Fadhili are the most kind, friendly, helpful people that I have had the fortune to meet, and I miss them so much even though its been 6 months since I last saw them.

I joined up for the volunteer placement hoping to gain an insight into the work of small NGOs and try to figure out if it was a career that I wished to pursue, I thought that I would do my 6 weeks placement, that it would be difficult yet beneficial, and that would be it, I would go and travel africa and see all the things Iv always wanted to see. When it came down to it, I never wanted to leave! And the whole of my travels I spent telling people about my amazing time in Nairobi, and how much I wish I could be back there instead of traveling!

The project itself was brilliant. I was placed on the Women's education programme, a subject that is really close to my heart. I got to spend most of my time in schools in Kibera slum teaching classes on sexual health and life skills to the young people there. It was one of the most rewarding things I think that I will ever do. At first I thought that I wasnt making any impact on the young people and just wasting their time, until I got a message from one of them, telling me just how much they appreciated my classes. It made it all worth while! I also got to help organise some one off women's education classes in the massai reserve, and at the gioto garbage slum. Both were volunteer initiatives and were really great to be involved in. The staff are really great with letting you have control over the things you want to do, and as soon as I saw a need at the gioto garbage slum for a class with the women, the staff were more than happy to help me arrange it.

I spent time with a host family as well as in the volunteer house. Both were fantastic to live in, the host family and house sisters were both welcoming and friendly and I really felt part of the family. Plus the food was great too!! :) Getting to mix with other volunteers was a great experience, as you are able to share both your triumphs and fears.

Overall, it was more than I could have wished for. I would like to say a huge THANK YOU to all the staff, and let them know just how much I miss them. I couldnt reccomend Fadhili more! I'll definitely be back!

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