Perth is often overlooked by visitors to Australia due to its quiet and laid-back lifestyle. The city still offers one of the most diverse populations in Australia, with just under half of its population born outside Australia. Due to the diverse population, there is always diverse cuisine to be found throughout the city. Another unique factor of the city is its obsession with Australian Rules Football. You can also find areas of the city where the kangaroos are tame enough to stand close to. Perth is also known for its beautiful nature. The city has as much to offer as any of the other bigger cities in Australia, without all the hustle and bustle of a hectic environment.

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Perth is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, but urbanization and tourism in recent years have caused damage and endangerment to some species. As a volunteer in Perth, you could work closely trying to reverse the damage done to the wondrous nature of Perth. There are many opportunities to work with wildlife and the flora of Australia. The experience is guaranteed to be a rewarding and enjoyable one for interns from abroad.


There are many organizations in Perth dedicated to working with families and children on improving welfare. Although the city is known as a business center, there are also many refugees who have come from other countries for asylum. Volunteers can work in these organizations to help improve the lives of those communities who are struggling in Perth. Activities could include job assistance, child development, therapeutic services, and more.


The healthcare system in Perth is doing quite well, although hospitals and medical centers are always looking for volunteers to help out. Working in the healthcare field in Perth is a great way to gain medical experience, as well as learn what it’s like work in a public healthcare system. Depending on your past experience, you may even be able to directly help doctors and nurses with certain procedures.

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Volunteer Support: Volunteering WA (Volunteering Western Australia) is a great organization that sets volunteers up with organizations. They also provide plenty of resources on volunteer requirements, responsibilities, and rights.

Know Before You Go: Be sure to check your visa requirements and whether or not you will be able to volunteer on that visa. If your visa allows you to do paid work, then you should be allowed to volunteer. For those with visas that do not allow paid work, you will need to check with the Department of Immigration and Citizenship and the organization you hope to volunteer with.

Best Places to Volunteer: There are many organizations that look for volunteers in Perth. Popular organizations to work with are Citizen Advocacy Perth-West, Perth Zoo, and the Rotaract Club of South Perth.

Health and Safety of Volunteers in Perth

The only major health concerns in Perth are sunburn, dehydration, and mosquito bites. It is highly recommended that you make regular use of insect repellant, a water bottle, and sunblock. Mosquitoes are a major concern in Western Australia because of the risk of Murray Valley encephalitis, Ross River virus infections, and other mosquito-borne illnesses.

In general, Perth is a safe city. Western Australia has the lowest crime rate of all states in Australia. There are 135 monitoring cameras monitored 24 hours a day in the central business district as well as push-to-talk buttons for direct communication with the police. On Perth’s beaches, volunteers should be wary of occasional rip currents; shark sightings are relatively uncommon.

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