Wildlife Hospital at the Australian Zoo

4 to 6 weeks
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18 - 40 years
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About This Program

Become a volunteer now and have the great opportunity to volunteer, rehabilitate and rescue Native Australian Wildlife at Steve Irwin’s Australia Zoo! This is the largest and busiest wildlife rehabilitation facility of its kind in the world and part of Irwin’s legacy!

You will join the team of dedicated wildlife professionals to provide ‘first-class care for sick, injured and orphaned animals’ that come into the facility every week. You’ll work alongside experienced animal keepers as you assist them with the husbandry and care of these animals, including Koalas - there may also be some guest related activities.


  • Volunteer at Steve Irwin’s Australia Zoo’s Wildlife Hospital! The largest and busiest purpose-built facility of its kind in the world and part of Steve Irwin’s legacy!!
  • Share your love and passion for wildlife by helping the dedicated team who care for Australian native wildlife
  • Great opportunity to explore the Sunshine Coast of Australia on your days off, as well as the world famous Australia Zoo, where there are many opportunities for up close native wildlife experiences.

As a volunteer, you will be required to assist the Wildlife Hospital team and other volunteers at the project with various duties. Please note that there will be little to no contact with the animals. See below for some of the most commonly required volunteer tasks during the first two weeks of the volunteer placement

* Preparing Koala paste feeds
* Preparing equipment for enclosure cleans
* Removing old Koala leaf out of enclosures (Leaf = Eucalyptus leaves - koala food)
* Observing Koala's behaviour during cleaning processes (if any unusual or irregular behaviours demonstrated, advise animal keeper so they can investigate/assess further). The ability to provide detailed
observations is important in volunteers, as the volunteers spend a lot
of time in the vicinity of the animals in care and may be likely to
notice things which may need to be reported.
* Cleaning Koala enclosures (complete cleans, wet cleans, dry cleans...)
* Assist with the leaf out procedure (Replacing old leaf with fresh leaf every day)
* Counting Koalas in our plantation - Open area of native eucalyptus trees where koalas are settled before being released back into the wild.

Once you have completed your first two weeks at the project, you may also get the opportunity to participate in the duties listed below.

* Assist with Koala Paste Feeds
* Assist the Bird and Reptile nurse with cleaning enclosures
* Assisting the ICU nurse with cleaning enclosures
* Assisting nurse with preparing feeds for turtles, reptiles and birds
* Depending on operational considerations volunteers may have the opportunity to watch/observe the vets and nurses in treatment room on some afternoons. This should not be considered a guaranteed or regular activity.
* Assist with the tidy/clean of the treatment and triage areas
* ICU koalas require some sun time each day - volunteers may have the
opportunity to sit with them for that time (Occasionally reptiles and
birds) - observation task
* Collect flowers and browse and assist in creating bird enrichment
* Cut and prepare possum browse

What's Included
Some Activities
Airport Transfers
What's Not Included
Domestic Airfare
SIM cards
Travel Insurance

Meals included (breakfast and dinner). At times, you will need to
prepare your own meals.

Volunteers live in a private room at a local homestay. Access to Wifi
and laundry facilities are available. You will also be transferred to
and from the project from your homestay to attend your shifts.

Being a volunteer at the Australia Zoo is truly a rewarding experience for each volunteer and the impact you leave will be a big one. Although you might have a minimal to no contact with animals at this project, you will be rewarded with the satisfaction of knowing that these animals will have the greatest opportunity to be released back into their natural habitat. The help you will provide the animal keepers with be greatly appreciated.



Four Weeks
$1995 USD
Five Weeks
$2195 USD
Six Weeks
$2495 USD


Sunshine Coast
Australia Dollar
84 F / 66 F
79 F / 52 F
75 F / 48 F
84 F / 61 F
Sunshine Coast Airport
( MCY )

The Sunshine coast is know for it laidback lifestyle and untouched beaches. This area is great to take a holiday from nearby Brisbane and step back from the hustle and bustle of daily city life.

Hosted by Fronteering

Fronteering specializes in arranging unique volunteer experiences in places less visited and unspoiled. Our volunteer projects take place in some of the last frontiers and wildernesses of this world:

From the Canadian Artctic where you get the opportunity to volunteer with huskies and go dog sledding to the Amazon rainforest where you will live...


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Yes, I recommend this program

Volunteering at the Australia Zoo

I volunteered at the Australia zoo last Summer. I like the Australia wildlife and always was a big fan of Steve Irwin. Seeing this opportunity I knew it was for me. I had a great time and learned a lot. I should say that the location is quite isolated so that is something that you should be aware of. We also were staying in a nearby hostel which was okay but I know that they since then have instead been using homestays which In my opinion is much better and I would have preferred that option but unfortunately that was not possible when I went.

I can really recommend this trip especially now that it includes homestay accommodation and meals.

(why do we have to leave such a long review, I think if you would allow us to leave shorter reviews more people would do it).

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Yes, I recommend this program

Volunteering at the Wildlife Hospital of Australia Zoo

When I first saw this program I was like wow cool volunteering at Steve Irwin's Australia zoo! That Is cool! However I wanted not to volunteer at a sanctuary/zoo. I prefer to work with real wild animals!

When I learned that this program is actually with the Wildlife Hospital of Australia zoo where you help with the care and rehab of native species that will be released back in to the wild I got really excited!

So this I not a zoo caring program and all your efforts go towards the great cause of releasing animals back in to the wild. Some of the species are even endangered!

What I like to tell everyone interested is that this program is great and rewarding but you better be ready to get your hands dirty as quite a bit of cleaning is involved as that is afteral one of the most important tasks especially dealing with sick and weakened animals as they can not handle getting a infection from a dirty cage.

The service Fronteering offered was great though sometimes I took them a few days to respond when I first inquired, but it seems they are just very busy. There staff is very nice and helpful though!

What would you improve about this program?
To be clear this program is in at the Australia Zoo wildlife hospital and not at the Australia zoo.


Hi Ellie, The program length is 4-6 weeks!

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