Teach English to Buddhist Monks in Cambodia

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In Cambodia, Buddhism is a religion of nation. 95% of the Cambodians believe in Theravada Buddhism, and the monks hold an important place in society. As known, for Cambodians, Buddhism is more than just a religion. Pagoda’s (Buddhist temples) are also important for education and many boys spent some times as a monk. During the Khmer Rouge time, the majority of monks have been killed and nearly all temples have been destroyed. But afterwards, Buddhism once again became the state religion and every Buddhist boy is expected to to become a monk for a period in his life.
Volunteer will teach English in a pagoda to the young monks. Most importance is to improve the monks basic English and conversational skills. Volunteers need to prepare lesson plan for each lesson. Volunteer will teach English to young monks and their age is around 11 years old. The level of English is beginner.

  • - Our office is right in the heart of Phnom Penh and Siem Reap.
  • - Low registration fee: Cambodia is a beautiful country with many issues that require the skills of international volunteers to help solve.
  • Instead of charging large fees, we require only the bare minimum the cover our volunteers' accommodation and meal expenses. We value impact more so than profit.
  • - Special activities: Regularly, we organize activities for our volunteers during the weekend or on national holidays. Feel free to join!

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