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As the health care system in Cambodia is still very basic, disabilities cannot be treated very well yet. It is very hard for families to care for their disabled children at home so large number of disabled children live in care facilities. The center provides appropriate living conditions to the children such as housing, food and nursing. Daily medical care is also available. Recreational activities are created to improve the living environment for the children. Volunteers assist the local staff to help care for the children. Volunteers will help in the center wherever it is needed. Volunteers work approximately four to six hours a day. Taking care of children ranging from infants to 6 years old. Most centers expect the volunteers to play with the kids, create activities for them to do and also to help with other tasks like feeding, moving and cleaning up. Volunteers may also help them during their rehabilitation and therapy exercises (if experienced).

  • - Our office is right in the heart of Phnom Penh and Siem Reap.
  • - Low registration fee: Cambodia is a beautiful country with many issues that require the skills of international volunteers to help solve.
  • Instead of charging large fees, we require only the bare minimum the cover our volunteers' accommodation and meal expenses. We value impact more so than profit.
  • - Special activities: Regularly, we organize activities for our volunteers during the weekend or on national holidays. Feel free to join!

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