Medical Care Mission and Tourism for “Madiba Cameroon 2018”

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Madiba Cameroon Project is an annual project of WEBDEV Foundation with aim to empower capacities of population for rural areas in the fields of Information Technology, Health, Languages and Culture, Entrepreneurship, Social Responsibility.

The objective is to mobilize a team of at least 10 to 15 professionals in health sector worldwide to travel in Bangoua during at least 3 weeks (15 to 21 days) to provide for free health care services and attention to the population of the village.

Weeks 1 and 2: Medical care in Bangoua. The team will spend 14 days in the hospital of the village giving full health services above mentioned to villagers for free. During this time there are various activities such as visiting and talking with communities families, discovering daily lifestyle, discovering the village.

Week 3: The final week will be dedicated for 5-6 days tourism, visiting museums, chiefdoms, waterfalls, pygmies village, monkey island, hot beach...

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We are a made organization from WEBDEV FOUNDATION in Cameroon. We created ABARKA because of WEBDEV FOUNDATION to support and help this organization sustain its actions.

What we do:
- Cooperation for development: We want to develop actions and seek...