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Have the awesome opportunity to volunteer and care for Huskies and go dog sledding! We offer the unique opportunity to live on a Canadian Husky ranch from Vancouver to the Yukon and the Canadian Rockies to the Canadian Arctic! Feed, walk, wash, clean, groom and play with the dogs! Best of all, help guide dog sledding trips and groom the tracks by snow scooter!

Do we need to say more!

Winter is of course the high season but the summer is also still a great time to visit as it will allow for more wildlife watching and activities like ATVing, fishing, hiking, biking and kayaking.


  • Ride ATVs and Snowscooters!
  • Get trained in the world of Dogsledding and guide dogsledding trips!!!
  • Volunteer in Canada's great wilds!
  • Opportunities for wildlife viewing in the surroundings of the ranch
  • Volunteer with a range of different husky species and other sled dogs.

Daily chores: Start time is 8 am. Feeding and watering dogs on a daily basis, cleaning of kennels, during the summer months this is done twice a day. Grooming during the spring and summer, walks during the spring and summer, maintenance of kennel and dog areas (straw, fixing houses, cleaning up & maintaining the trails, keeping the storage & feed sheds clean and tidy), fixing harnesses and sleds when needed.

There are additional daily duties which change with the seasons. During the winter, which is the busiest time here, you will help the guides maintain the kennel , the dogs, and the trails . This would include use of our snow mobile to clean touring trails after the runs and assisting in the loading and unloading of dogs before and after tours. Bear in mind that winter can be very cold and you have to be prepared to be outside for long stretches of time! During the late fall and winter, you will have a chance to assist the guides with the training of the dogs.

During the Spring and Summer, we do a lot of building and repairing of the dog yard and kennel area, as well we do offer kennel tours and will bring people to the kennel to visit the dogs. Repairing and putting up new fences, taking down dead standing trees and cleaning up the trails during this time is required. If you are there during the spring and summer, you will not be dog sledding or training, but we do have a couple of dog scooters that we may use on cooler days to take dogs out for exercise. You will however have a lot of ‘hands on’ with the dogs.

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Food is provided for all the husky ranches. In some cases you will have to be involved in cooking the food and helping to buy groceries.

Your accommodation will vary depending on the husky ranch you have been placed at you will either share accommodation with other volunteers in a cabin/trailer or live in the ranch house as part of the family.

You will leave a big impact on all the dogs at the husky ranches that we work with. The owners insist that volunteers are the backbone of their kennel. Not only will you be feeding, caring and playing with the dogs but you will learn a great deal about training, racing and the veterinary care of the dogs.



Four Weeks
$1595 USD
Six Weeks
$1795 USD
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$1995 USD
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Canadian Dollar
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72 F / 52 F
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Vancouver International Airport
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Vancouver is one of the biggest cities in Canada, and consistently ranked one of the best place to live. Vancouver is unique in that every neighborhood has a completely different feel and attractions, which draws a variety of people to the city.

Hosted by Fronteering

Fronteering specializes in arranging unique volunteer experiences in places less visited and unspoiled. Our volunteer projects take place in some of the last frontiers and wildernesses of this world:

From the Canadian Artctic where you get the opportunity to volunteer with huskies and go dog sledding to the Amazon rainforest where you will live


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Yes, I recommend this program

Dogsled volunteering in Canada

It's nearly six months ago since I left the Canadian bush. I stayed at a Canadian Husky ranch in BC over Spring so there was no dogsledding but it was still a great experience.

I Learned and saw so many new things. The wildlife is really great and I discovered almost every day a new animal. Here a little overview: a motherbear with 3 cubs, marmots, squirls, a lot of deers, snowrabbits (still with white paws, that looks funny), snowchickens, a gardensnake, different eagles and an endless amount of birds, known and unknown, including hummingbirds.

When I arrived Spring started and the flowers and plants slowly went in bloom and the first leaves started to grow on the trees. Down in the valley, the willows and daffodils started flourishing. It was still a bit cold at first and it was difficult to imagine that the temp goes up to 85 degrees or more.

The huskies behavior was pretty good and I didn't have any troubles with them. I knew them now by their names and I fed them every day twice and changed the water. Another thing we did is brushing the dogs because they're changing from winter to summer fur.

As the dogs just came out of winter season they need to relax a lot but we did do a lot of hikes and walks with the dogs. We also cut and split trees for firewood (for the next long winter), painted dog- and beeboxes and did other daily jobs around house and garden. The couple I lived with is also managing a camping resort with cabins, which they owned some years ago, for the the new owner. It's on a very nice lake and we spend there some days a week to cut dry grass, repair some facilities and get rid of old things, because the resort was absolutely disregarded in the last years. And I can drive with a V8 7.2 l truck with 4 wheel drive on the worst road I've ever seen, that's not only a pleasure. It’s a great experience!

I am a real Texan growing up very rural on a farm (diary) so for me to be on a different type of ranch and experience the Canadian outdoor life was great! Thanks Fronteering!

What would you improve about this program?
If you want to dogsled come for Winter. Or from September and onwards they start racing with carts and ATVS to get the dogs in to shape for winter.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Husky ranch dogsledding volunteering in Canada

I joined the husky ranch program of Fronteering earlier this year. I arrived early March which was towards the end of the winter season of course but it still got a good 6 weeks of dogsledding in which was great.

I stayed a total of 10 weeks so the last 4 weeks we started working more towards preparing the ranch for summer. Seeing the place come to life during spring was also great. Summer I hear is also good time to go but if you want to have snow and do dogsledding in the snow then you need to go between Mid November and Mid April. Sure you can maybe dogsled before or after those dates depending on which ranch you will be placed at but to be assured I would recommend those dates.

Also it is good to know that not all ranches have the typical Siberian huskies. The ranch I went to had Alaskan huskies which is a mixed breed bred to be the perfect sled dog.

Dogsledding itself is so awesome, it is much faster then you think but also quite a work out!

What would you improve about this program?
Not a note to Fronteering but more to the volunteers. Fronteering provides a lot of info. Some of it easy to read over if you are that kind of person. Make sure you prepare yourself and read well!


Hi Sam, Thank you for your questions. This project is at different locations in Canada. In most cases the ranches are quite isolated. Usually there is a small nearby town nearby but it is very much set in nature. This is perfect for volunteers looking to be in the Outdoors. Fronteering

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