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Volunteer with students in Chile
Volunteer with students in Chile


Teaching Education Chile Volunteering volunteer mission. A recently stated goal of the Chilean Ministry of Education is that Chile must become a fully bilingual country. English is taught in all schools from the first to the twelfth grades. English teaching assistants will work closely with Chilean English teachers. We have teaching placements in several small (primary and secondary) schools in Chile.

Volunteers do not need previous teaching experience, although it would be helpful. Basic Spanish is required, as well as a positive and flexible attitude.

Volunteering Abroad in Chile Work: Our programs allow you to take part in meaningful community service work, while discovering the people, sights, smells and tastes of Chile. Volunteering in Chile is a way to totally immerse yourself in Spanish culture.


Volunteer in Chile with A Broader View Volunteers, our highly rated non-profit charity organization. The volunteer programs are based in the coastal city of La Serena. Volunteers can choose between 4 programs options available in La Serena Chile.

We have made huge improvements in the everyday lives of the Chilean orphans and children we work with. ABV volunteer support has helped expand the orphanage services, contributed to the improvement in literacy levels in the pre-school and provided hours of caring and concern for the for the young children.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Volunteer in Chilean Schools

ABV is a not for profit organization and really focuses on the volunteer and the work of the volunteer, instead of the business. I highly recommend ABV-my host family was extremely kind and helpful, the coordinator was involved and always available, and the people I worked with wanted me to be there and made me feel useful. All of the promised services were provided. However, as with any volunteer experience, situations are different and never match up to expectations. Most importantly, the success of the volunteer, depends on the volunteer. You must be the type of person who can take initiative and not wait for others to come to you. You have to be comfortable with being different, and embrace those differences, always sharing and learning with others. I helped teach English in Chile, and felt like a celebrity in the school. Whenever I entered into the patio, students would rush up to me with there many questions about the U.S., or my personal life. The constant questioning never bothered me, and I looked at it as an opportunity to build connections, while allowing kids to practice their English.

What would you improve about this program?
I was lucky to be the only volunteer living with an entire Chilean family. Other volunteers were put with four other volunteers in a house, with one Chilean woman. Keep in mind that each experience and situation is different.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Teaching in La Serena Chile

I volunteered to gain a better understanding of day to day Chilean life, improve my Spanish and learn traditional children songs and games. I achieved all three and will have a pen pal relationship between the nursery school in La Serena and my Spanish speaking pre-k in Minnesota I wanted to thank A Broader View for your flexibility in letting me extend my stay in service. I am deeply grateful and I want to thank Lone for arranging my volunteer-ship at the nursery school. It has been a valuable experience and I have formed lasting ties with the teachers there. Sincerely, Ana Louise Miranda.

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Yes, I recommend this program

On our first day at the orphanage La Serena Chile

On our first day at the orphanage, as we walked into one of the classes to be introduced to the other teachers, one of the children ran up to me (Martin) and hugged me, no questions asked. He just wanted a hug.

The orphanage is well organized, and they take very good care of the children. They’ve got lots of clothes and toys; they eat good, healthy food. It’s a very good environment for the children to ‘grow-up’ in if the parents are unable to take care of them.

A Spanish language barrier. We understand some Spanish, but we speak almost none. But even with said barrier, the teachers at the orphanage were always helpful and they tried to explain to us if we misunderstood something.

As you get to know the children and when you’ve been informed how and why they ended up in the orphanage, it just makes you realize what a huge responsibility it is to bring a child into this world. It’s the Mount Everest of responsibility. Another lesson learned is that love and care overcomes all barriers – race, creed or gender.

Travel with an extra toothbrush, a small toothpaste and some extra clothes in your carry-on luggage. Just in case your baggage is delayed. It would make the first day or two more comfortable. Learn at least a few basic Spanish phrases that are applicable to your ‘volunteering environment’ and that are applicable to daily live.

We were fortunate enough to be placed with a family that has accommodation for a ‘couple’. We lived on their premises in a room of our own separate room from the actual house where the family dwells. It was very nice, as it allowed us lots of freedom to move about the city doing our own thing in our spare time without ‘disrupting’ the family.

The family is extremely inviting, friendly, loving and caring. From day one we were never treated as guests, but rather we were treated as extended family. We were treated like royalty! It’s a very humbling experience when a family on a different continent, with different customs, with a different frame of reference opens their door to take you in – whole heartedly. Apart from the family’s warm welcome, they took really good care of our ‘basic necessities’. We received breakfast in the morning, lunch boxes for ‘school’ with bread and fruit and candy, and every evening dinner was a feast fit for a king! All round an absolute delight! We had a very short running joke with the family that went like this “Chileno = mucha comida’!

Furthermore, we’d like to thank Lone and Sarah for all their assistance throughout our adventure. From the start Sarah religiously replied to every question we had, she reassured and guided us around every corner and every uncertain gap. Lone picked us up at the airport with smiles, kisses and embraces and throughout our stay she checked in with us [and our family] regularly to see how we were doing. Both of them, in their own way were absolutely pleasant!

A MASSIVE thank you to everybody involved in making this trip possible for us! Thank you ABV!

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