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Get up close and personal, with both baby pandas who weigh only 100 grams at birth and there far larger parents that weigh a massive 250-350 lbs.

Your duties may vary depending on what is required of you at the time, so flexibility is essential. During your placement your daily activities will include:

- Cleaning of the Giant Panda enclosures, and the nursery.
- Preparing the food and feeding the Giant Pandas. 99% of their diet is bamboo, however the balance usually consists of rice gruel, high fibre biscuits, carrots, apples and sweet potatoes.
- You may also be asked to conduct some research into their habits and health, in order to expand the knowledge of how best to care for these

In the last 2 years the volunteer work at the panda base has contributed to the doubling of the panda population – which is an amazing achievement. The numbers are now such that the panda reserve can at last experiment with returning them to the wild.

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