Conservation Volunteering: Most Trusted & Affordable
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Conservation Volunteering: Most Trusted & Affordable

UBELONG is an American social organization that is the world's leading organization for people seeking affordable, high-impact volunteering opportunities abroad.

Volunteer 1 week to 6 months and pick from 100+ projects throughout Africa, Asia, Latin America & Europe.

Make an impact volunteering on these conservation projects:

  • Costa Rica: Raise awareness of environmental issues and sustainable biodiversity.
  • Ecuador: Help conserve the Amazon Rainforest or remove foreign species from the Galapagos Islands.
  • Laos: Work on an organic farm and help with sustainable farming practices.
  • Mexico: Help with local conservation efforts and urban reforestation.
  • **24/7 in-country support
  • **Volunteer on projects that truly need you
  • **Live in safe, comfortable and vibrant housing and enjoy delicious meals
  • **Go with a US based organization - legitimacy and peace of mind
  • **The #1 Volunteer Abroad program with the best reviews!
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Without compromising safety or impact, UBELONG aims to offer the world’s most affordable 1-week to 6-month international volunteering opportunities.

Fees include:
-->Extensive pre-departure mentorship and support
-->Volunteering alongside locals on projects that make a REAL impact
-->Airport pick-up
-->Housing and meals
-->24/7 in-country support
-->Peace of mind from joining UBELONG, a social organization headquartered in Washington, DC
-->Brand name and networking opportunities that comes from being part of the well-known UBELONG Community
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Program Reviews (3)

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24 years old
Butler, Pennsylvania
Washington & Jefferson College

Rain Forest Conservation Efforts in Ecuador


Becoming a UBELONG volunteer was an eye-opening experience. Through this program, I was able to travel to the Amazon Rain forest in Ecuador. It was here where I helped with rain forest conservation efforts and also saw unimaginable things. I met new people and grew closer to those in my group. UBELONG is a great organization because they serve as a great mentor. They line up a volunteer experience and make you feel good for helping others. The organization has ties in many different countries and working with Cedric has been easy, as the people at UBELONG are genuine about their work and want you to succeed.

How can this program be improved?

Next time I would like to stay a little longer because time flies when you're having fun!

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24 years old
Imperial College London

Laos VangVieng UBELONG


My recent experiance in Laos was very special. Working up close with the locals (having On and Vedd in the house itself) really meant that I chould have a cultural and immersed experience. Because the project encompasses many fields, I was able to work on the farm yet also have the opportunity to go to the school after work and see the other volunteers teaching English. Being able to see different volunteers in different projects every day was personally very exciting. So all in all this year was another great experience with UBELONG!

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19 years old
Denver, Colorado



I had a really great experience working with UBELONG for my first time volunteering and I will definitely volunteer with them in the future. I felt very prepared for both of my projects and their flexibility was helpful for me as I was doing a lot of other travel besides the volunteering. Both the UBELONG staff and the local project staff were awesome and I felt very supported in the time leading up to, during, and after my volunteering. I met so many great people both on the Galapagos and Amazon projects, some of whom I went on traveling with in the months following my time in Ecuador. People ask me what my favorite part of my 8 month trip in South America and without hesitation I always say the time I spent volunteering.

How can this program be improved?

The only thing I can think of, that didn't really bother me but other volunteers I was with were wondering about it, is that they would have liked to know how many other volunteers would be on their projects; however, I thought it was fun to have that element of surprise.

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Most Affordable - Trusted by Thousands - Real Impact

--> Pick from 100+ projects in education, caregiving, conservation, medical and more
--> Go to Africa, Asia, Latin America & Europe
--> Go 1 week to 6 months and start any week of the year