Animal Rescue Center in Cuenca, Ecuador

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Animal Rescue Center
Animal Rescue Center


Volunteer with this nonprofit conservation and zoological organization located just outside of Cuenca. The organization focuses on educational outreach, rescue and release projects and research programs to promote the conservation of Ecuador's biodiversity.

The center is home to over 1400 animal species of amphibians, birds, mammals and reptiles. Resident animals include frogs, owls, condors, macaw, toucan, peacocks, puma, wolf, llama, monkeys, snakes and turtles. The center operates a large zoo in a lovely natural setting, located in the hills above Cuenca. The center provides rescue and release program when possible, all supported by visitor donations and international volunteer support. Volunteer hours from 8am – 2pm daily.

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Objectives and volunteer role

Monitoring of diet and behavior practices of various mammals, bird species, and reptiles
Meal preparation and animal feeding
Raise public awareness on wildlife care for greater society to understand their role and the value of conservation of wild species.
Clean cages, cage and grounds maintenance
Provide support to the veterinary medicine needs (medical records/vaccinations)
Engage local community through providing informative programs and volunteer opportunities
Coordinate and conduct conservational education programs at the local secondary school

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