Ecuador Cuenca: Cat & Dog Shelter Center (Conservation / Environmental)

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Ecuador Cuenca: Cat & Dog Shelter Center
Ecuador Cuenca: Cat & Dog Shelter Center


Volunteer in Cuenca, Ecuador. In most large communities throughout Ecuador, the number of stray dogs and cats can be overwhelming. Stray dogs live on the streets, some are lost, while others have been turned away from their homes. Chaotic urban arrangement and overpopulation only exasperates the already enormous population of stray dogs.

Volunteer at a veterinarian clinic and animal rescue refuge center located in Cuenca. This refugee has extended grounds and a large kennel and pen areas, and home to over 150 animals. The center offers locals low cost treatment for animals; it also houses and feeds hundreds of stray dogs and cats. Many dogs are brought to the center and are sickly and in need a lot of TLC. The aim of the center is to rehabilitate the animals, make them healthy and ready for adoption.


This program is recommended for animal lovers and those interested in the veterinary field. Veterinary students are welcome, and animal welfare internships are available. Most animals at the refuge are dogs. All help is welcome at the refugee since animal welfare programs in Ecuador are extremely limited.

Volunteer tasks vary:

Feeding the animals
Bathing animals
Assisting with medical treatment (trained volunteers will perform minor surgeries)
Walking dogs and providing physical play activities with them
Upkeep and grounds maintenance needs

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