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Tenerife is the largest of the seven stunning Canary Islands, which form this Atlantic Ocean archipelago. From the golden sandy beaches in the south to the dramatic lunar landscape of Mount Teide National Park and everything in between, Tenerife is a must see.

As one of the top whale and dolphin watching destinations in the world, the south-west coast of Tenerife is a truly outstanding location for the observation of free-living whales. There are resident communities of pilot whales and dolphins which remain here throughout the year, which can be observed on perhaps 80% of the days of the year. There is also a total of 24 other species migrating through Canarian waters at different times of the year from the giant blue whale to the majestic killer whale.

This project will give you the perfect opportunity to learn more about these fascinating creatures and gain valuable experience in conservation as you spend your days working alongside the Island’s threatened whales and dolphins.

A few of our most popular Fiji projects include:

  • Fiji Teaching - Enhance your skills as you earn your TEFL certificate teaching underprivileged children in a local school, and soak up the true Fijian lifestyle in a friendly and laidback community.
  • Fiji Adventurer - Combine teaching and living in a Fijian community with adventure travel and living in an idyllic beach house on a South Pacific island.
  • Fiji Journalism - Bring your creativity and initiative to a major English newspaper in Suva and learn all the essential skills needed for a budding journalist.
  • Fiji Beach Conservation - Improve the lives of remote Pacific Islanders as you help to protect the pristine, white sand beaches around this South Pacific paradise.

You can also see what our volunteers and adventurers are doing right now in the Fiji Marine Conservation and Fiji Community project news sections of Frontier’s GapYearblog.

To apply for any of our projects, just click on the orange “Apply Now” button on the Frontier website and fill in the short application form. One of our volunteer advisors will then give you a call back to answer any questions that you have.

  • See cetaceans in the wild
  • Work on a ground breaking marine conservation project

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Teaching Review

I completed my teaching project at Dudley Intermediate School in a Class 7. Each day I would enter the classroom to the students singing their dedications. It was one of the best ways to start the morning. The day would then be filled with different lessons including maths, English, science and Fijian. I was fortunate enough to be thrown straight into teaching of all of these subjects. I enjoyed each part of the schooling day, the teachers were so welcoming, nice and friendly each day I entered the school. The teachers I worked with were fantastic and would allow me to teach whenever I liked and would also understand if I things difficult and would always answer any questions I had. The students were unbelievably friendly and I was able to form a great rapport with all the students very early on. They are always interested in your life and home country and will also love to share their own stories of life in Fiji. My highlight of the project would be staying with my Fijian family. The family was so welcoming and friendly, made me feel safe and comfortable at all times. I will miss my Fiji family and have enjoyed every day of my project.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Sports coaching review

I had loads of responsibility put on me right from the word go, which was great as i was well occupied and felt important within the school. The sport in and outside school time was good and the kids loved both. The swimming cycle we got to teach was an added bonus. Also was required to adapt to classroom teaching other subjects to as your dropped into other classes with no teachers regular. Overall a great and fun experience that im sure will help me in the future.

How can this program be improved?
More equipment within the school which would help with our delivery.
Also recommended trips for a weekend would be good.
Yes, I recommend this program
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4 weeks in Fiji and loving it!

Being at the Frontier camp on Naviavia beach, Fiji has been amazing. It's only been 4 weeks since I first touched down on the main island and flew across to tiny Gau, but it's feeling like home! I've already dived in some incredible places with all kinds of different species and I've definitely learnt how to live Fiji Style.

The last couple of weeks have included some interesting dives, we've finished surveying all of the inner lagoons and fringing reef sites and now we just have the steep slopes of the outer barrier reefs left to do before I head home - but I've been assured that we've saved the best 'till last!

I couldn't have asked for a better experience and am having the best time.

Yes, I recommend this program

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