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The long goodbye with my host family - there were tears
The long goodbye with my host family - there were tears
Farewell host family :-(
Farewell host family :-(
I'll miss em
I'll miss em
school sport
school sport
IVI teaching & Construction
IVI teaching & Construction
Remote isalnd
Remote isalnd
Local Fiji kids on remote beach
Local Fiji kids on remote beach


Incredible placements where you can experience in-depth the authentic Fijian Island way of living. After a presentation of your offering (Kava ceremony) you will be welcomed into the community to live as an honoured guest.

This island paradise has extensive views over fringing coral reefs and green-blue tropical seas. It’s a medium sized island (approx 10km in diameter) with cliffs and rolling hills for amazing hikes with views out to surrounding islands where for island hopping or snorkelling. With approx 800 native Fijian inhabitants (some of whom have never seen a car!) Many inhabitant’s work on the local tourist islands. The village’s main source of incomes is handicrafts, pottery and shells, with the local people otherwise relying on subsistence farming and fishing.

On this remote paradise island you can either teach or take part in our construction projects- or both! We also have many more projects all over Fiji to choose from.

  • Untracked, no tourists, no cars, and real and raw volunteering experience!
  • Travel with purpose in Fiji and help support underprivileged communities.
  • 20 Countries & over 100 projects.
  • Over 25,000+ Volunteers Placed Worldwide.
  • 30+ years experience. IVI provides safe, high quality & responsible volunteer travel experiences.

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Yes, I recommend this program

One of the best weeks of my life. Ever

My time on the remote island teaching project was one of the best weeks of my life, ever ……. it was hard, hot, uncomfortable and a bit challenging at times but incredibly rewarding. What an amazing school. We have come back with a very long list of very much needed items, so if you feel compelled to help out after seeing these photos please PM me!

It’s hard to believe that 24 hours ago my only footwear was a pair of jandals (thongs/flip flops, flippers) covered in biddy bids and held together by a peg (first day one of the kids stood on the back of it), and today I was wearing black high heeled boots and corporate attire in Sydney! What an incredible, wonderful world we live in!

Carol Comer, Remote Island teaching project, Fiji 2016

What would you improve about this program?
Volunteers could be provided a profile of the children which outlines any specific areas where needs exist to help us tailor our assistance accordingly.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Fiji Orphanage

I honestly could never have imagined how humbling and heart warming my Fiji experience would have been! I have never met a more welcoming and friendly community in my life. Fiji and the orphanage taught me so much and Masi and Mila are amazing!

Fiji you have my heart forever! Thank you so much for all your help I will 100% going back! And I have recommended you to so many friends! And thank you Fiji and the orphanage for teaching me so much about myself and hopefully they gained something from me too 🙂

There’s nothing more fulfilling then seeing how happy them children are and how the generosity of other help keep them that way 🙂

Thanks again Lauren and IVI!
Kind regards


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Yes, I recommend this program

Fiji Teaching and Community Work

As my term in Fiji came to a close, I couldn’t help but stop to reflect on a few things…


For those who didn’t know, the primary purpose of my trip to Fiji was to assist those affected by Cyclone Winston devastation. I’d known for a while I wanted to return to Fiji after having the opportunity to visit last year, but hearing the news about Cyclone Winston back in February ultimately confirmed my decision.

My secondary reason for coming to Fiji was to escape the toxicity of my old life at home (I really don’t want to into it again, but I wrote a blog post kind of explaining the situation a while ago…).

Generally speaking, I was very unhappy and knew I needed to get away. My heart also ached for the people of Fiji, who had been so wonderful to me throughout my previous stay. I badly wanted to help, and shift my focus towards the needs of others, as my overall perspective on life was in serious need of a reality check – more or less, years upon years of perpetually ruminating on my “first-world problems” had turned me into a person I did not like very much.

Now that my volunteering program has ended, I find myself nine weeks later, with a dizzying array of thoughts running through my head – foremost, did I actually help?

Sarah, a friend and fellow volunteer I met during my experience in Fiji, recently wrote a fantastic blog post on her website, Enrichmentality (please go check it out!), discussing questions all volunteers really should ask themselves, prior to and during their service.

How can I help? Why I am I doing this? Am I really helping?

In truth, my past two months involved a variety of situations – from enriching, memorable, and deeply moving to just plain unpleasant. I’ll admit, there were moments I weeped for the pleasant chill of an air conditioner, consistent internet access, hot showers, and many other mundane first-world luxuries I’d taken for granted. There were numerous occasions I had to question my own integrity; times I had to let go of all conceit and give selflessly; other times I had to walk away from a despairing circumstance, escorted by the pain realising there was nothing I could do.

Did I help? Am I at all a better person than I was nine weeks ago?

Did I develop more contempt for the ants scurrying across the table than integrity for others, simply based on my longing for the world I came from?

I like to think my head’s in a significantly healthier place now than it was before travelling here, but this experience wasn’t entirely about me.

Elisabeth Rollins (USA)

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Yes, I recommend this program

Teaching in Fiji Islands

I wanted to say a big thank you to you both for all the organizing you did to ensure that I enjoyed my time volunteering in Fiji.

Sadly I’ve been back at work this week and it really makes you miss living so relaxed on Fiji time. Melbourne’s weather is definitely no match as well.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the island school and this is thanks to in particular my beautiful host family, but also the wonderful, hard working teachers at the school and the entire village community there.

Once again thank you to you both for all the work you did in making me feel comfortable and supported if there was ever anything I needed. There wasn’t one volunteer that I met that wasn’t enjoying their time on the Island, so it’s a real testament to the great program that you are running. I hope I am able to make a return in the near future.

Kind regards,
Narelle – Australia

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Yes, I recommend this program

Remote Island Construction

I had an amazing experience in Fiji!


-living with my host family, it was an amazing experience

-the island!, it was such a cool experience and the views were amazing

-being able to make a difference in the village

Team,food, accomodation:

-as for the team who helped me through the application process, they were amazing, and really helpful with answering all my questions. The welcome pack was really thorough and helpful.

-the team in Fiji was excellent too being more than helpful with any purchases I needed to make and taking me different places.

-The food never stopped! And I’m not complaigning! It was really cool eating what they eat so I was really happy with the food.

-as for accomodation it was exactly as i expected from the welcome pack so it was great, I knew it wasn’t going to be 5 star going in haha but that’s all part of the experience so I loved it.

My host family and his family were very accomodating and kind.

Thanks heaps for your program, I really enjoyed that it actually helped the people unlike some other organisations.

Kind regards,


What would you improve about this program?
Everything was really good. I outlined in my application exactly what I wanted to help with and that’s what happened. I noticed from Shane (volunteered in my last week) that he was expecting teaching the whole time so he was a bit surprised with maintenance tasks so perhaps having a little bit more info on what would be expected of those volunteers who come thinking “just to teach”. But that didn’t affect me, I was 100% satisfied.


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If you love being outdoors and in the water, Fiji will be your new favorite place. Whether you are an adrenaline junky and want parasailing or shark feeding; or you just want to relax and snorkel in the pristine water, Fiji caters all travel styles.

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