Fiji Shark Conservation

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Globally, and within Fiji, data is deficient for many shark species, which provides a barrier to effective management. Frontier’s research is based around the island of Beqa, recognised as a critical area for shark protection, yet in desperate need of further study. The aim of Frontier’s shark project is to collect data on the diversity of sharks in Fiji. This data will be used to feed into our ongoing research, but also the work of key organisations such as WWF (World Wildlife Fund) and The University of the South Pacific, who are working hard to better understand shark populations in the area. Armed with this information, Frontier is also working with local communities to raise awareness of the value and vulnerability of sharks and to increase protections locally.

Join us on our Fiji Shark Project, helping to determine the diversity and behaviour of these iconic, yet endangered species, contributing to the conservation of the world’s shark population.

  • Survey sharks to help us learn more about their ecology and protect them
  • Swim in tropical waters with 1000's of fish from 100's of different species
  • The chance to interact with villagers and gain a cultural experience like no tourist can.
  • Dive at sites with spectacular coral

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