Educational Social Enterprise Volunteer Projects in India

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You will be put on a unique journey, tailored to your interests and skills, in which you will be able to, not only improve the immediate lives of various schools children and the conditions of their rural schools, but also be able to impact the lives of the many generations to come in Maharashtra, India!

Your vital work will allow Educational Social Enterprises to access a better educational infrastructure and provide students with a more all-round development and supportive learning environment. There, they will be exposed to quality education prompting them to grow and improve their reading, writing and communication skills. Hence, providing them with a higher chances of employability and leading to a higher standard of living in the future.

  • Field Immersions
  • Workshops
  • Hackathons
  • Cultural Activities
  • Yoga


YOU will help you discover your role as a changemaker, learn best practices in the sector, hands-on field immersions where you can meet, interact with the beneficiaries and network with other changemakers.

Participants will:
1.Learn by doing
Since information is reinforced when it can be contextualized, immersion in a practical learning environment supplements the tacit knowledge acquired from the classroom.

2.Grow the skills that matter the most to you
We will focus your training on areas that most interest you in context with the needs of local communities.

3.Cultivate adaptability and spark creativity
You will learn how to adapt quickly while using your own skills to improve the lives of many!

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Learn,Travel,Give Back

The planning that went into the journey was what impressed me the most apart from the great experience I had . Every day was scheduled precisely starting with a session of Meditation and Yoga to prep us for the day ahead, the day would have a lot of activities, meet ups, field trips planned keeping in mind minimum time consumption in travel so we could have more time interacting with schools,entrepreneurs and people rather than sitting in a bus with my headphones on.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Learn by Doing

TribesforGOOD enforces the idea of learn by doing. On second day of our journey we visited a co-shared space to meet the pioneers of microfinance revolution and had an informative discussion about they try and bring affordable loans to the impoverished people to uplift them as a community. The fact that the whole journey was more of a discovery of Personal self rather than a tour is what makes it unique.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Learn about Social Enterprises

I have always been curious to understand the social enterprise landscape in India. Through TribesforGOOD's program I got a chance to meet changemakers and their organisations.

The best thing about the program is the team who tries to understand the participant's requirement and tweak the program. For example I was really interested in understanding Gender Interventions in India. TribesforGOOD not only made me meet organisations, they also went out of their way to ensure that all my questions were answered.

Overall a well thought of program for someone looking to increase their knowledge about social impact.

Yes, I recommend this program


I vividly recall the time I landed in Mumbai. I covered a distance of 15,000 kilometres to be in the city of dreams , a city that never sleeps. I had a burning passion to witness and hopefully be a part of the social impact Industry, as I had read a lot about them . Finally, I was here in this City, a dream had finally come true.
After the initial culture shock , I got acclimatized to the city, which welcomed me with open arms. Through the next couple of days , I learnt about microfinance, clean tech, gender, women’s empowerment and livelihood. I learnt so much and it was truly a defining moment for me. The conclusion I reached was unequivocal, How do I give back ? How can I use my abilities for the upliftment of society ?
But I had a lot to learn still and so with that objective in mind, I participated in local initiatives like marketing, fundraising, finance etc. I was particularly impressed with hackathons.
For the traveler and the curious, this opportunity is golden . These social impact journeys are week long expeditions of discovery and insights in the land of India, which is truly majestic. It gave me a tremendous sense of fulfillment and purpose to use my talents and skills for the betterment of the society.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Impact Tour

This Organization Is Using Travel To Help Scale Social Purpose Business In India! TribesforGOOD is on a mission to inspire a generation who want to support and work in social enterprises and impact businesses with a focus on people and the planet. I saw their program on GoOverseas and decided to give it a shot. I was looking for some experience in India with impact organisations and understanding how to work with purpose driven organisation. I came across the Social Impact Journey and was instantly hooked. I applied and was accepted within a week. I spent 7 days with them in Mumbai learning from the best in the social impact space, met organisations in Dharavi, Cuffe Parade and Andheri. The focus of the journey was learning by doing which fit into what I wanted. It is very easy to just observe but what stands out is meeting the stakeholders and getting your hands dirty! I met some amazing entrepreneurs and participants from all across the globe. I highly recommend this program to anyone who want to deepen their knowledge about purpose driven firms, give back and see the real India.

Yes, I recommend this program

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