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In this exciting project you will be involved with underprivileged children in Madurai, South India. You will teach English and should you wish to, many other subjects such as Science, French, Art & Crafts, Drama, Sports and whatever area you feel knowledgeable in. When you arrive at your placement you will meet with the school's principal who will discuss with you the possibilities of your placement in order to meet all your desires and expectations!

The kids are fascinated by volunteers and they will want to know stories about you and your country, so don't hesitate to bring pictures and more. They will win you over with their enthusiasm, their desire to learn and their wide smile!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Incredible India!

I was once asked which country I thought everyone should visit. My answer: without a doubt - India!

Nothing I had read, watched or heard could have prepared me enough for the reality of India. India is another world, incredible in all ways. It has to be really experienced to be understood....and yet the things that really sealed the experience for me were the things that could only really be felt with the heart.

For one month, I taught conversational English at an underprivileged primary school every morning; and worked at an orphanage every afternoon.

At the school I taught 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th standards everyday (ages 6 - 11). Each lesson was approximately 40 minutes long. Because the children's level of English was so basic, I would use a variety of materials and modalities that would appeal to their senses and backgrounds. I used to buy (cheap!) materials from the stationery in the road at the house where I lived, and the supermarket close by.

Every morning I would be taken on a hair-raising tuk-tuk ride from my home to the school, and given my time-table once I got there. Then I would be picked up early in the afternoon and after a couple of hours to catch up on stuff at home, I would go to my other placement. After three hours there, I would return to dinner and preparation of work for classes. I lived with three other girls (two from the U.K. and one from Norway) and we used to chat, watch films, go for dinner with other volunteers in Madurai, or go for short walks in the evenings. We used to travel to other parts of India on the weekends.

I will never forget my warm host mother and the wonderful volunteers, who became my new family; the welcoming, friendly school principal and teachers; and my amazing, polite, respectful and eager students.

The memory still touches my heart today.

What would you improve about this program?
I would have liked more coordination with regards to pick-up and drop-off times. It always seemed like I was waiting ages to be taken to my next placement! I understand that timing is a cultural thing, but maybe pre-arranged transport could have been limited to drop-off to placements only; and pick-up from placements could then be arranged independently, once in India, to avoid having to wait in the heat, alone, for a pre-booked tuk-tuk, when it is so easy to get another one and get elsewhere earlier.