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Become a volunteer in Palampur with Volunteering India! Volunteering Solutions offers a few different volunteer projects in Palampur, located in northern India. Volunteer to teach a variety of subjects, including English, to children ages 6 to 15. For 4-5 hours per day five days per week, you will focus on creative play, conversational English, and assist the local teachers.

Volunteers can also choose to work on childcare projects in school for disabled children. Volunteer activities at the day care centers in Palampur include preparing meals, communicating with parents, assisting staff, playing, and more.

Those interested in childcare can also choose to work with infants and young children in a local day care center. For volunteers with an interest in gaining experience in the dental field, join the dental internship program!

Another volunteer option in this region is a three week summer program or a similar 2 week mini break program. The programs include various community development volunteer projects throughout the week and exciting excursions on the weekends. This is an exciting opportunity to explore the Kangra Valley in Himalayan Mountain Range of India. Visit the Volunteering India website to learn more!

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  • Fun 8.1
  • Value 8.7
  • Safety 8.8
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Gloria - Mini Break Program - Palampur - August 2016

Volunteering work was nice; for sure volunteering for more time is better cause you need the first week to settle down yourself!
Bobby (program coordinator) is a wonderful person, always taking care of volunteers needs; was very helpful even before my arrival; he is fun, became a good friend and made this experience unique!
Palampur is a very safe and relaxing place to live! Volunteering house is a very good accomodation.
I met a lot of new friends, a new culture; everyone was very welcoming and I felt home everywhere!
I'm sad I didn't take part to orientation week before going there, it would have been very interesting!

How can this program be improved?
During the visits around (Golden temple, McLeod Ganj, sightseen around Palampur area etc...) there should be a guide explaining the story and meaning of what we are visiting.
Despite this I'm happy to have seen a lot of places around Palampur!

Yes, I recommend this program
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Amazing to say the least!

I volunteered with the medical internship in Palampur. The first thing that I have to say is that once I got there I did not want to leave and I have intentions to one day return, I loved it that much!
I was able to see so many things about how the Indian healthcare system operated all while getting to see a beautiful, new country for the first time. Ecotourism is always my preferred option, this is how I came about and ended up choosing this program. This program in particular was unique from anything else I have ever experienced. I really felt I got a genuine experience that I will remember for the rest of my life. There was nothing hidden from us, the coordinators were straight forward all of the way through which was a great help. We were also able to see how healthcare actually works in India and just how far Western medicine has come over the years. These were all things that as a third year pre-medical student, and nurses assistant I really appreciated seeing, as on your average tour, this is information you would not be privy to.
The best part of the entire experience I would have to say, was the people I met along the way. I traveled alone. I was not in a group and everyone back home consistently asked me if I was nervous, and told me how brave I was for doing this all by myself. I was welcomed immediately by the coordinators, and never felt unsafe. Once I arrived at the volunteer house I was welcomed by other volunteers and I never once felt alone or lonely. This is a great opportunity alone or in a group and it is very possible alone. I also would like to say that I never once felt like I was in danger despite traveling alone as the coordinators were there for me along the way. Feeling safe when traveling alone internationally alone is worth everything, and this program really had that down.

How can this program be improved?
Emphasizing the importance of learning the language before arriving to India. I feel the internship would have been much more valuable if I had of been able to understand more of what the doctors and patients were saying to each other without waiting for it to be relayed back to me.
Yes, I recommend this program
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Hospital experience, amazing!!!

I went with a project that were working with volunteering India, and the people in India (the volunteers) were brilliant I could not fault them one bit!! We got stuck in riots and couldn't get home and the team couldn't have done enough to help us and make sure we were okay and eventually got home! They put on 3 courses a day for us and they food was nice, we had a washing machine, shower, flushing toilet (bring your own toilet roll) all the facilities were clean and lovely! My favourite bit was seeing the Himalayas and also getting to work along side the amazing doctors and nurses in the maternal hospital and being able to see what I did, it has made me adamant I want to be a midwife! I would recommend this trip to anyone and everyone, even if uninterested in medicine I would go back tomorrow if I could I had the best time ever!!!!

How can this program be improved?
I would just say mix up the food a bit, we had basically the same daily dinner and tea and it became a bit boring, I was hoping for exciting spicy Indian food but was a little disappointed:(
Yes, I recommend this program
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Palampur Health and Medical Review

Wow, to say the least.
this experience shows just how far that western medicine has developed, changed and improved on that which is still prevalent in the Indian Healthcare system, of which i saw in the hospital in Palampur. As a final year uni student studying a Bachelor of Nursing and Paramedicine it was the best experience that gave me the exposure that none of my fellow students will have the opportunity to see before graduation and eventually their professional careers and i believe it will put me as a cut above the rest.
It was a real eye opener to see some of the older-school practices being performed that left Western Medicine in the late 60s.
However, this opportunity was exactly what i had hoped for, an insight to the healthcare of a poorer society that attempts to achieve both the best result for the patient, while cutting the most corners to minimise cost, a very fine line.
This program is not for the weak hearted or the weak stomached. I watched a dozen or so people have an endoscopy performed, with no sedation what so ever. Each and everyone of these patients gagged and gurgled with unrelenting precision of the instument from the doctor this he had achieved what he was out to do. words can not describe the image of someone who has a metre long instrument jammed down their throat til they throw up again and again and again. I cannot stress enough, it is not a program for the weak of stomach.

HOWEVER, this program also provided a real insight to the disease and treatment of third world people and their conditions, it was fantastic to see and something i will never forget and i will even alter my practice as a health care practitioner.
Also, to be immersed in the midst of a rural town an stepping into the shoes of the locals, their travelling to town and work, the market place, THE FOOD, was something that you would not get travelling by other means, volunteering was the best experience I've had to date and if you are looking for a getaway, this would be the place I dreamt about at night and after experience, i still dream of it.

How can this program be improved?
The stressing on the learning the language as much as possible before hand. it would allow for more thorough interaction with the patients the doctors were seeing and allow a greater insight into their health and lives.
Yes, I recommend this program
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A second home

I completed a health/medical internship with Volunteering India in a gorgeous part of the world called Palampur.
In the month that I was there I was given so many opportunities to make the most of my trip, observing, knowledge sharing and working practically at schools and day cares, hospitals, and in health promotion workshops in various communities.
Volunteering India were great in organising weekend trips in our time off and I was able to visit the Taj Mahal as well as go trekking, camping, paragliding and horse riding in the Himalayas, just to name a few of my favourite adventures.
Finally, what will always stick in my mind when I think about my trip are the lovely and hospitable people of Palampur. There is no other experience quite like immersing yourself in a completely different culture, and if you are looking to volunteer there is no better way to enhance your contribution than to live among the community you wish to help. I have left with the feeling of having a second home and I hope to return again one day.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Palampur 2015

I loved my time in India, most of which was spent up north in Palampur, Himachal Pradesh. During our month there we made awesome and unforgettable memories - some of the things you would wish you could forget, but those were the reasons I chose to go in the first place, and I hope I don't forget them as they are the memories that made India a life changing experiences.

Many of the funny experiences we had in Palampur involved the buses, whether it was everyone staring at us, one of us falling over, falling out, or getting on the wrong bus and surviving a massive detour... But one day a group of us girls were on our way home from town for the day, and as the bus went past a group of the street stalls it slowed right down, the side door quickly opened and slammed shut again, and there was a news paper parcel all bound up under the front seat. In our heightened states of paranoia we all jumped to the instant conclusion that the parcel was a bomb and we were about to die. It took a reasonable amount of self control and rational thinking (for me at least) to stay on the bus until we got home, and convince ourselves that it was unlikely to be a bomb..midday..on a half empty bus...in the quiet town of Palampur.

That night when we told our in country partners about what had happened on the bus they laughed at us and explained that it would have been a good parcel - and a sneaky way of transporting between towns was via buses... A bit different to how we do things back home :)

How can this program be improved?
More information, before we leave our own countries about the community health week would be much more beneficial i think. That way we would be able to be more prepared, maybe bring over more specific things with us that would aid the project.
Yes, I recommend this program
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A Different and Worthwhile Experience

Hi I'm Grace, a nursing student from New Zealand. I spent a month volunteering in Palampur through volunteering India and Antipodeans.

Volunteering in a country very different to my own was a challenging and rewarding experience. As usual, you go with the expectation that you will be able to make a difference in people's lives, and they end up teaching you far more than you could offer them. I spent 3 weeks working in Karan Hospital in Palampur. It takes a bit of time to get over the culture shock, get used to the hospital routine and gain the trust of local staff, but after awhile we started to slot into the life and rhythm of the place. This meant we were able to go beyond observing and asking questions, to assisting with minor procedures. Not being Hindi speakers ourselves, it was harder to make a real difference for the people coming through the hospital but what we learned from the experience is priceless.

Palampur itself is nestled up in the mountains, and we had a lovely view of them from our volunteer house. It was great living with other volunteers and getting to know them, as well as living in a community with such friendly people. It was a great experience being able to live in, and be a part of the local community.

During our time off we also got to go on great adventures, seeing a bit more of the Himachel and surrounding regions, and getting to do things like Paragliding and mountain walks. The local partners, Bobby and Amit were great at doing all they could to make sure our placements were the best they could be for us, as well as giving us a good game of badminton and keeping us well entertained in the evenings.

Overall this was a great experience, and a good way to both, get to know some of the culture and people in the area, and to see this part of India. I would definitely recommend this experience to anyone wanting to learn lots and meet new people, as well as those who want to experience the everyday India, as well as it's attractions.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Thumbs up for Volunteering in Beautiful Palampur!

Hi, I'm a Speech Pathology student from Sydney and I just got back from one month of volunteering in Palampur, India. I went through an Australian company whom are affiliated with the organisation, 'Volunteering India'.

After returning just two weeks ago, I can't help but rave about how amazing my experience was in India. Even though I have travelled to India before with my family, this was a totally different and so much more special experience for me.

The guys who work for volunteering India in Palampur, know Palampur inside out and have years of experience running volunteering programs in their beautiful town. They are definitely not short of knowledge and are so friendly, so there's no way you feel left out. They set you up at placements suited to your field of study and are happy to hear what you're interested in and work with you to ensure you have the most rewarding experience for yourself and the most beneficial for the community. Since I am studying speech Pathology, I volunteered at the Rotary School for children with disabilities. However, there are plenty of ways you can volunteer in Palampur depending on your area of study. For example the other students who travelled with me had backgrounds in nursing, midwifery and physiotherapy, so they were allocated placements at the various hospitals and medical clinics in Palampur. There was also a group of school students while I was in Palampur who had come on an expedition camp and their goal was to paint three Childcare centres within a few days! It was incredible what they had achieved in such a short space of time. There really is so many ways to volunteer in this small town, and every experience is so rewarding!

It's so easy to build friendships with the town people. Everyone is so welcoming and friendly. We were looked after well by our in-country partners Bobby and Amit who work for Volunteering India. They are two very kind and approachable people whom I’m very happy to call my friends. Not just them, but so many wonderful people I've met in Palampur will be my friends for life!

I am having withdrawal symptoms and just want to go back right now!! Looking forward to planning my next trip there in the near future! If you do go, make sure you stare at the mountains for a little bit longer every time...It’s worth it! After all, it’s not every day that you get to wake up to the Himalayas!!!

I definitely recommend ‘Volunteering India’ to anyone who wants to volunteer and experience India differently.

How can this program be improved?
I would love if it was recommended for students to learn the basics of the language prior to arriving in India. This would make the transition to the culture and community easier. It was helpful that the in-country partners taught me some Hindi while I was there but I wish I was better prepared as this would've helped me more during placement as well as when touring the town.
Yes, I recommend this program
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I did the summer program in india with volunteering india, and part of this program consisted on going one all week to palampur, in the north of india, to teach children in different schools. The house there is awesome! it has a lot of facilities and it is really nice. The project that we did there was about teaching children and it was a very nice job, also, the teachers were very happy to have us teaching because they didn't know any english. The last day, we went to buy some paint and we painted the outside of the school green, and in orange we put hands, the abc and the numbers. We had a great experience in palampur. Its is a very calm place compared to the noisy delhi.

Yes, I recommend this program


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