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Intense project work and development ranging from being involved in the international Charleville Castle Management Team, Sustainable Conservation, Event Management & Implementation, PeaceZone Activities and Organisation, Meeting with public and providing hospitality, to mention but a few.

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Find what you are good at and enjoy as a volunteer

Getting involved and volunteering at Charleville Castle has proved to be life changing for me. I was given a chance, without being micro-managed, to show where I can excel all while learning new things and a different culture. It gave me a chance to make new connections and a gave me home away from, a second family. All involved at the castle make you feel like you belong there and remind you that you are making a difference no matter how small. They are also always driving you to do more.

I'd recommend this to anyone. It doesn't matter what you're background is, or where you come from; you will fit in, and you will help to make a difference. I continue going back to help out each and every year, and will continue to do so throughout my life. It always has and will continue to be a great learning experience for me.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Get Involved!!!!

Working on behalf of Quest Campus, Charleville Castle has proved to be an invaluable experience. The overall organisation is extremely well run, managing to attract a highly qualified team of committed volunteers. Each volunteer is given the freedom to contribute as they wish and adhere to their areas of strength and with strong sense of teamwork this helps to unify the overall aim of the project. The positive and supportive network that you are welcomed into allows everyone to feel appreciated. I would strongly encourage anyone to volunteer in such an important organisation, not only is it committed to its long term goals but is committed ensuring the welfare of everyone involved.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Internship in event management

It's really hard to sum up my experience for Quest Campus in Charleville Castle. More than an academic experience it was very much more about revealing skills, working in a very international environment and eyes opening internship. The team at the castle and its volunteer are really making you feel at "home". Nearly like a big family with no frontiers (volunteers from Ireland, the UK, from Poland, from Lithuania...) And you learn and grow from every one of them.
Even if i had projects in event management i also learned about Irish history, architecture, Irish culture. Also i had a huge boost for my english (I'm french).
After my internship i felt i could help more and came back as a volunteer for quite a long while! I would recommend volunteering or doing internship as you'll get personal and professional experience at all levels.

Yes, I recommend this program

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